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Year: 2796
Weight: 13,000 tons
Road Speed: 90 km/h
Sprint Speed: 120 km/h
Main Armament: 2 30cm Hellbore
Secondary Armament: 16 Ion-Bolt Infinite Repeaters, 8 30 Breech-Loading Mortars
Indirect Fire: Tactical
Limited Self-Awareness

There also is a varient XX/M, "Mosby," made with refitted Mark XIV Bolos

Weight: 728-900 tons
Road Speed: 60-75 km/h
Sprint Speed: 60-75 km/h
Main Armament: None
Secondary Armament: 12 Laser Infinite Repeaters, VLS Missile System
Indirect Fire: Tactical/Theater
Limited Self-Awareness

Other Bolos from same time period: Mark XIX Bolo

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