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Marli The Crybaby is a Season 6 episode of Shining Time Station made by JamesandSchemerFan.


  • Marli had been a crybaby girl for long months. And BJ bets that she can't stop crying for a whole month. So, Fred and Sam try to cheer her up.


  • Thomas Story: The Runaway Elephant (told by Michael Angelis)
  • Jukebox Band Song: Poor Little Girl


Part One

  • (we see Fred and Sam reading some Candy Apple books)
  • Fred: I'm reading Rumor Has It. Man, those girls. I love to give them kisses.
  • Sam: Well, i'm reading Star Crossed. Abby and Chelsea are my two girls.
  • Fred: Audrey, Carmen and Mailee are my girls. Calina is Carmen's little sister.
  • Sam: Abby has a little sister called Emma. She has the same blonde hair color as Abby.
  • Fred: Calina has the same black hair color as her older sister Carmen does.
  • Sam: Emma has to be Abby's little sister.
  • Marli: (sobbing)
  • Fred: Huh, Marli?
  • Sam: What are you crying?
  • Marli: I lost my plushie called Mimi.
  • Fred: Don't cry, little girl.
  • Sam: We'll find your plushie.
  • Marli: (crying loudly)
  • Fred: All right, Marli. Stop it!
  • Sam: Let's go, Fred.
  • Mr. Conductor 3: Where did you think you're both going?
  • Fred: Mr. Conductor 3, we need help. Marli's crying and she has lost her plushie called Mimi.
  • Sam: Could you please stop Marli? She's crying.
  • Mr. Conductor 3: That reminds me of Duncan and the elephant. I'll tell you about it. (blows whistle and steam fills up room)

Part Two

Part Three

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