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Marlin and the Magic Ocean is a Finding Nemo/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie.


  • Marlin as Thomas
  • Bloat as Henry
  • Gill as Gordon
  • Bubbles as James
  • Nemo as Percy
  • Ted as Toby
  • Bruce as Diesel 10
  • Coral as Lady
  • Anchor and Chum as Spatter and Dodge
  • Tad as Harold
  • Crab as Bertie
  • Deb as Annie/Carabel
  • Flik as Mr. Conductor
  • Princess Atta as Stacy Jones
  • Dim as Billy Twofeathers
  • Heimlich as Patch
  • Slim as Burnett Stone
  • Francis as Junior
  • Dot as Lilly
  • Hopper as PT Boomer
  • Gypsy as Lilly's Mom


  • Marlin: If Bruce has unfinished business, there's sure to be trouble right around the corner.
  • Bubbles: Boo, fly! Shoo, fly! That's it! Better still, buzz off!
  • Marlin: Botheration!
  • Bubbles: You weren't concentrating, Marlin. Lucky for you that the sea grounds were there.
  • Marlin: That's what sea grounds are for, to stop fish from crashing. Why are you in the sheds, Bubbles?
  • Bubbles: I'm feeling a little clownfished, which isn't so hot when you're tanged. I was naughty and Crab told me to think... about all the ways I can be useful. Then I can come out again.

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