Mars (Sol IV) is the fourth planet in the Sol system.



Most of the settlements on Mars are located under large domes linked by transport tubes. The tubes are heavily reinforced (reportedly indestructible), capable of easily withstanding blasts from grenades and explosives. While humans are capable of enduring the temperature and pressure on the surface, they require a breathing apparatus since the atmosphere does not have sufficient nitrogen-oxygen levels.

Lunis Planum

Upland plain on Mars. Location of the Lunis Planum Prison Base, where Andrew Horan escaped from with several of his followers.

Olympus Mons

A large edifice on Mars, known for being the highest volcano and mountain in the Solar System, situated north west of Syria Planum. Location of an ISN station, the station continually reported to Food Riots.

Solis Planum

Upland plain on Mars, situated south east of Syria Planum. Location of a secret Terra Prime intelligence and training facility and an Earthforce Academy.

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