Mars Dollars

The in-game currency of Exodus3000. Mars Dollars are earned through either exploration/mining or attacking other players. The common abbreviation of Mars Dollars is simply MD.

Uses of MD

There are many uses for MD within the game. The most common is the purchase of upgrades. The cost of upgrades increases with each level, which encourages the continued acquisition of MD. The second use of MD is to purchase teleports. Currently (10/19/06) players may only purchase teleports back to their homestead.

Earning MD

Mars Dollars can be earned by mining volcanoes, exploring ruins, and attacking other player's homesteads and settlements. The amount earned at each of these activites is highly variable, although the money to be earned by attacking is, of course, limited by the standing balance of the targetted player. The earnable amount of the volcanoes and ruins is subject to the elusive and lucrative motherlode event. Occasionally when mining or exploring, a player will find a Motherlode that drastically increases the amount of the payoff for that action.

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