The planet Mars is politically divided into dozens of city-states, some of whom are part of the Imperium of the Terran Throne, though city-states affiliated with the Terran Throne are subject to the authority of the four appointed Imperial governors (see Government of Imperium of the Terran Throne), as part of Mars Province, which also includes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter (see Martian-Jovian asteroid belt in ITT universe) as well as Mars' two moons (Phobos and Deimos). Many of the Martian city-states are affiliated with the Martian Free Alliance, which is anti-Imperium, and the Martian Non-Aligned Movement, which attempts to stay neutral in conflicts between the Martian Free Alliance and the Imperium. There are rare armed conflicts between the Imperial Guard and the militia forces of the city-states affiliated with the Free Alliance.

Mars has long ago been terraformed into an Earth-like planet, and there is some agriculture on the planet. Industry depends on raw materials from the nearby asteroid belt. The percentage of humans on Mars compared to chimeras and A.I. machines is much lower than on Earth.

The local governments of city-states vary from democratic to oligarchic plutocracies to racist (human-only or A.I.-only) regimes to outright dictatorships.

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