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The Imperial Republic shares the planet Mars with several other, sometimes rival, factions. One is the private megacorporation Russo-American Mercantile. Another is the Martian Free Republic. A third is the Martian Cyber Nation. A fourth is the Martian Anti-Human Alliance. A fifth is the Chimera Republic.

The Imperial Republic territory on Mars is officially controlled by a council of it's military and police commanders serving under a governor appointed by the Supreme Council of Twelve.

The Samurai Warrior Tribes have often been employed by the Imperial Republic, Russo-American Mercantile, Martian Free Republic, and to a lesser degree the Chimera Republic. These mercenaries are considered perennial enemies by the Martian Cyber Nation and the Martian Anti-Human Alliance.

The Martian moons Phoebos and Deimos are bases serving the Imperial Republic military.

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