The Martian Cyber Nation is a faction on the planet Mars in the universe of the Imperial Republic that shares the Martian Anti-Human Alliance's view that humans should be treated as slave labor. However, this Cyber Nation's A.I. machine-controlled government also views chimeras as inferior to A.I. robots and computers, thouh the Martian Cyber Nation treats chimeras as better than humans but still inferior to A.I.s.

Chimeras under the rule of the Martian Cyber Nation are often employed as supervisors of the nation's human slaves and as soldiers under the command of A.I. robots.

The Martian Cyber Nation is often at war with the Imperial Republic, the Martian Free Republic, the Russo-American Mercantile or a coalition of two or all three of these factions. Sometimes the Martian Anti-Human Alliance is an ally of the Cyber Free Nation in these wars.

The Mercurian Cyber Free Nation on Mercury is also a sometime ally of the Martian Cyber Nation, since both regimes share an anti-human, pro-A.I., anti-Imperial Republic bias. This includes some interplanetary trade.

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