Unlike most kittens, Martin doesn't like eating mice - let alone catching them. When he catches one by mistake he decides to keep it as a pet and soon Drusilla the mouse is established in an old bath tub in the attic. Martin is kept busy getting food, water, bedding - and then Drusilla's babies start to arrive. How can Martin cope with all his mice?


  • Susan Sheridan as Martin the Kitten
  • Toyah Willcox as Dulcie Maude
  • Michael Yarmush as Robin
  • Josie Lawrence as Lark, The Farmer's Wife and The Farmer's Daughter
  • Jon Pertwee as The Farmer
  • Liz English as White Rabbit #1
  • Pui Fan Lee as White Rabbit #2
  • Marilyn Schreffler as White Rabbit #3
  • Karen Dotrice as Drusilla the Mouse
  • Paul Winchell as The Boar

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