Martin is a animal loving urchin who lives in a large and busy town long ago with his faithful cybird friend Digit. When Princess Aviva gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace that overlooks the city, she sneaks out to the marketplace, where she accidentally meets Martin. Under the orders of the evil Hacker (the sultan's advisor), Martin is thrown in jail and becomes caught up in Hacker's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mysterious lamp. Legend has it that only a person who is a "diamond in the rough" can retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Martin might fight that description, but that's not enough to marry the princess, who must (by law) marry a prince.

Martin Kratt (Wild Kratts) - Aladdin

Aviva (Wild Kratts) - Jasmine

Dr Marbles (Cyberchase) - Sultan

Pal (Arthur) - Rajah

Ruff Ruffman (FETCH) - Genie

Hacker (Cyberchase) - Jafar

Digit (Cyberchase) - Abu

Henri (An American Tail) - Magic Carpet

Buzz (Cyberchase) - Iago

Various Characters (Various TV series) - Apple seller, Necklace Seller, Guards, Snake Jafar, Genie Jafar, etc.

Sam Vander Rom (Cyberchase) - Peddler

Dragon Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - Snake Jafar

Giant Ursula (The Little Mermaid) - Genie Jafar

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