Marucho Marukura is the love interest of Jenny Brooke appearing in Bakugan. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and wears red glasses. In Battle Brawlers, his main outfit is composed of: a blue and white short sleeved shirt, blue shorts with a white diaper inside, blue fingerless gloves and blue and white shoes. In New Vestroia, his outfit is composed of:. In Gundalian Invaders, his outfit is composed of:. In Mechatinium Surge, his outfit is composed of:. He is voiced by Cameron Ansell and later by Joanne Vannicola. At his age, he is 11-17 years old.


  • Kia and Shuuko Marukura (Parents)
  • Jennifer "Jenny" Brooke (Love Interest)
  • Angelina "Angie" Hinomoto (Biggest Fanatic)


  1.  Being nice to Jenny
  2.  Wooing for Angie
  3.  Getting his check-in


  1.  Being cowardly
  2.  Losing his focus
  3.  Being shameful

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