• Spider Man as Joycelyn
  • Thor as Angelina 
  • Phoenix as Raymond
  • Galactus as Josephine
  • Nova as Kentdang
  • Hawkeye as Brandon
  • Dormammu as Daniel
  • Storm as Phoung
  • Magneto as Ken
  • Wolverine as Wakko from Animaniacs
  • X23 as Dw from Arthur
  • Iron Man as Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck
  • Hulk as Dao
  • MODOK as Brogan
  • Ghost Rider as Amy from Futurama
  • Iron Fist as Angao
  • Doctor Strange as AnnDinhDinh
  • Super Skrull as Bart from The Simpsons
  • Doctor Doom as Fry from Futurama
  • Captain America as Nibber from Futurama
  • She Hulk as Son from Gummi Bears
  • Shuma Gorath as Woody from Toy Story
  • Deadpool as Minnie
  • Sentinel as Ferb from Phineas and Ferb
  • Rocket Raccoon as Arthur from Arthur
  • Taskmaster as Liquidator from Darkwing Duck

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