• Mr.Fantastic as Kermit/Captain Smolett
  • Invisble Woman as Miss Piggy/Benjimina Gunn
  • Human Torch as Gonzo
  • Spider Man as Fozzie/Squire Trelawney
  • Captain America as Sam Eagle/Mr. Arrow
  • Magneto as Long John Silver
  • Daredevil as Jim Hawkins
  • Abomination as Mad Monty 
  • MODOK as Polly Lobster
  • Mole Man as Clueless Morgan
  • High Evolutionary as One-Eyed Jack
  • Thanos as Angel Marie
  • Loki as Calico
  • Thing as Sweetums
  • Egghead as Walleye Pike
  • Sabretooth as Spotted Dick
  • Wolverine as Animal
  • Rogue as Janice
  • Gambit as Floyd Pepper
  • Cyclops as Dr.Teeth
  • Deadpool as Zoot 
  • and more

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