Marvel Versus HB 2: Shadowed Past is a Marvel Versus HB 2 film that is created by Pikachufreak.


  • The X-Men are off to bed, together with Our Heroes, Tooty, The Star Fox Team, Team Sonic, The Sailor Scouts, The Ninja Turtles, The Witchlings, The Mew Mews, The Cardcaptor Girls, The Z-Fighters, The Biker Mice, The Time Detectives, The Duelists, The NT Warriors and The Cubix Crew. However, Rogue begins to have nightmares and to make matters worse, Mystique has appeared. The Brotherhood, Team Rocket, Petra Fina, Dino Fishman and Principal Mite are ready to fight the others. So The Sailor Scouts and The Mew Mews transform to fight The Brotherhood, while Ash and Brock battle Jessie and James, and Yugi, Tooty and Fox fight Petra, Dino and Mite. After sending all of them packing, Rogue's memories have been restored and Xavier praises the gang.


From X-Men Evolution

  1. Scott Summers (Kirby Mollow)
  2. Logan (Scott McNeil)
  3. Rogue (Meghan Black)
  4. Storm (Kirsten Williamson)
  5. Kitty Pryde (Maggie Blue O'Hara)
  6. Gambit (???)
  7. Spyke (???)
  8. Jean Grey (???)
  9. Kurt Wagner (???)
  10. Beast (???)
  11. Mystique (???)
  12. Avalanche (???)
  13. Toad (???)
  14. Scarlet Witch (???)
  15. Blob (???)
  16. Quicksilver (???)
  17. Professor Xavier (???)

From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Misty (Rachael Lillis)
  4. Brock (Eric Stuart)
  5. Jessie (Rachael Lillis)
  6. James (Eric Stuart)
  7. Meowth (Maddie Blaustein)
  8. Wobbuffet (Kayzie Rogers)

From Fluffy Gardens

  1. Tooty The Elephant (Tara Jayne)

From Star Fox

  1. Fox McCloud (Yuri Lowenthal)
  2. Falco Lombardi (Derek Stephen Prince)
  3. Krystal (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  4. Slippy Toad (Tom Gibis)
  5. Peppy Hare (Michael Lindsay)

From Sonic X

  1. Sonic (Jason Griffith)
  2. Knuckles (Dan Green)
  3. Tails (Amy Palant)

From Sailor Moon

  1. Serena Tsukino (Terri Hawkes)
  2. Mina Aino (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  3. Raye Hino (Katie Griffin)
  4. Lita Kino (Susan Roman)
  5. Amy Mizuno (Karen Bernstein)

From TMNT 2003

  1. Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
  2. Donatello (Sam Regal)
  3. Raphael (Frank Frankson)
  4. Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)

From Magical Doremi

  1. Dorie Goodwyn (Amy Palant)
  2. Reanne Griffith (Rebecca Soler)
  3. Mirabelle Haywood (Kether Donahue)

From Mew Mew Power

  1. Zoey Hanson (Amanda Brown)
  2. Corina Bucksworth (Andi Whaley)
  3. Bridget Verdant (Bella Hudson)
  4. Kikki Benjamin (Kether Donahue)
  5. Renee Roberts (Mollie Weaver)

From Cardcaptors

  1. Sakura Avalon (Carly McKillip)
  2. Meilin Rae (Nicole Oliver)
  3. Madison Taylor (Maggie Blue O'Hara)
  4. Rita Sasaki (Stevie Bloch)
  5. Chelsea Mihara (Jocelyne Loewen)
  6. Nikki Yanagisawa (Kelly Sheridan)

From Dragonball Z

  1. Goku (Sean Schemmel)
  2. Gohan (???)
  3. Krillin (???)
  4. Vegeta (???)
  5. Piccolo (???)
  6. Tien (???)
  7. Trunks (???)
  8. Yamcha (???)

From Biker Mice From Mars 2006

  1. Modo (Dorian Harewood)
  2. Throttle (Rob Paulsen)
  3. Vinnie (Ian Ziering)

From Flint The Time Detective

  1. Flint Hammerhead (R. Martin Klein)
  2. Sarah Goodman (Tifanie Christun)
  3. Tony Goodman (Brian Donovan)
  4. Petra Fina (???)
  5. Dino Fishman (???)
  6. Principal Mite (???)

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Yami Yugi (Dan Green)
  2. Joey Wheeler (Wayne Grayson)
  3. Tristan Taylor (Sam Regal)
  4. Tea Gardner (Amy Birnbaum)
  5. Seto Kaiba (Eric Stuart)
  6. Mai Valentine (Megan Hollingshead)

From Megaman NT Warrior

  1. Lan Hikari (Alex Doduk)
  2. Dex Ogreon (Scott McNeil)
  3. Maylu Sakurai (Brittney Wilson)
  4. Yai Ayano (Jocelyne Loewen)
  5. Eugene Chaud (Scott Perrie)

From Cubix

  1. Connor (???)
  2. Mong (???)
  3. Chip (???)
  4. Abby (???)


  • This film is a production of It's A Laugh Productions and Hanna Barbera.
  • Yugi, Tooty and Fox have their encounter with Petra Fina, Dino Fishman and Principal Mite since Anime Adventure 2.
  • The X-Men's enemies, The Brotherhood, debut.
  • It is revealed that Rogue has nightmares.

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