Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Disney vs. Kids' WB! (Enhanced Music Edition)/Heather Hogwarsh, Ash Ketchum, Captain Commando is Pikachufreak's Walkthrough.


  • The second installment of the Nintendo Switch game, featuring music from the 80's and 90's.


  1. Clock Tower (vs. Jin Saotome, Mega Man, Lord Hater)
  2. Cave (vs. Rainbow Mika, Turbo, Theodora Villavicencio)
  3. Airship (vs. Anakaris, Gary Oak and Bowser)
  4. River (vs. Tron Bonne, The Flea and Alebrije)
  5. Desert (vs. Thanos, Misty and Lexi Bunny)
  6. Carnival (vs. Dhalsim, Ken Masters and Ludo)
  7. Factory (vs. Julie Kane, Howard Weinerman and Amethyst Giger)
  8. Abyss Stage (vs. Abyss)


  1. Faith by George Michael
  2. I'm Your Baby Tonight
  3. Uptown Girl
  4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  5. Beat It
  6. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  7. Jungle Boogie
  8. Live and Let Die

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