Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Disney vs. Kids' WB! (Enhanced Music Edition)/Star Butterfly, Penn Zero, Spider-Man Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea.


  • Straight from YouTube, here's the 1st installment of the Enhanced Music edition of Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Disney vs. Kids' WB! for the Nintendo Switch, featuring characters from the last three shows on ABC Kids's April 2015 lineup.

List of Stages

  1. Desert (vs. Felicia, Ash Ketchum and Anakaris)
  2. Carnival (vs. Kimiko Tohomiko, Misty and Sailor Venus)
  3. Swamp (vs. Akuma, Jerry Mouse and Amingo)
  4. Clock Tower (vs. Spiral, Brittney Wong and Marrow)
  5. Cave (vs. Jin Saotome, Gary Oak and Omega Red)
  6. Factory (vs. Mike Chilton, Turbo and Randy Cunningham)
  7. River (vs. Karin Kanzuki, Ken Masters and Bowser Jr.)
  8. Abyss Stage (vs. Abyss)


  1. Genie In A Bottle (Desert)
  2. House of Fun (Carnival)
  3. Bye Bye Bye (Swamp)
  4. Up by Joy Williams (Clock Tower)
  5. The Man Behind The Mask (Cave)
  6. Mr. Roboto (Factory)
  7. Stronger by Britney Spears (River)
  8. Strutter by KISS (Abyss Stage)

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