Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Disney vs. Kids' WB! (Enhanced Music Edition)/Whiplash, Turbo, White Shadow is Pikachufreak's Walkthrough.


  • The third installment featuring the Turbo FAST team and with music from Kirby Air Ride.


  1. Airship (vs. M. Bison, Ken Masters and Bowser Jr.)
  2. Desert (vs. Heather Hogwarsh, Felicia and Sailor Jupiter)
  3. Factory (vs. Colossus, Gary Oak and Thanos)
  4. Carnival (vs. Lord Hater, Thug Pooh and Doctor Doom)
  5. Swamp (vs. Bowser, Servbot and Adamantium Wolverine)
  6. Cave (vs. Chun-Li, Rikochet and Static)
  7. Clock Tower (vs. Bone Wolverine, Ash Ketchum and Venom)
  8. Abyss Stage (vs. Abyss)


  1. Checker Knights
  2. Sky Sands
  3. Machine Passage
  4. Beanstalk Park
  5. Celestial Valley
  6. Magma Flows
  7. Fantasy Meadows
  8. Dyna Blade/UFO/Meteor Medley

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