Mary Helps Out is a The Adventures of Ash Ketchum episode.


  • Mary is too young to be a little girl when she always tries to help somebody. But when Ash has trouble with the trying to beat a fast staff ghost in Mickey's Speedway USA, Mary starts helping him and also helps others too.


  • Ash
  • Mary
  • Kevin
  • Bailey
  • Falkner
  • Scooby
  • Shaggy
  • Florinda Showers (cameo)
  • Tamao (cameo)


Part 1

  • (We see Mary playing around in her nude tights)
  • Mary: Those adorable nude tights that santa gave me last christmas. They have my toes covered in opaque nude ones.
  • Ash: Hi, Mary.
  • Mary: Hi, big brother.
  • Ash: Say, what did you get, Mary?
  • Mary: Those nude tights that santa gave me last christmas. They're very nice.
  • Ash: Cool. Just like my girlfriend Bailey has when she also gets them.
  • Mary: I'm wearing Shirley Fenette's normal clothes. I'm so sexy, big brother. Just look at my nyloned feet.
  • Ash: Could you know it, Mary? You're too young to to be like Bailey.
  • Mary: Aww. No fair.
  • Ash: Play with Mr. Fuzzy while i play Mickey's Speedway USA. Okay?
  • Mary: Okay.
  • (Later, Mary is playing with Mr. Fuzzy)
  • Mary: I wish my big brother can always love me.
  • Bailey: Hi, Mary.
  • Mary: Hi, Bailey
  • Bailey: Where did you get that Shirley Fenette costume?
  • Mary: At Party City.
  • Bailey: Party City?
  • Mary: Of course, Bailey.
  • Bailey: Ah, i got it. I'm glad that you're the sexiest little girl in the whole entire world.
  • Mary: (giggles) Absolutely, Bailey.
  • Bailey: Well, Mary. You always love your nude tights would you?
  • Mary: Yes. I love them.
  • Bailey: I better start doing some exercise. You keep playing with Mr. Fuzzy.
  • Mary: Okay.
  • (

Part 2

Part 3

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