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Mary The Crybaby is a The Adventures of Ash Ketchum episode.


  • One day Ash is eating some cookies when Mary comes in. Ash pushes her aside to the floor in which the poor little girl bursts to tears like a Marill. Ash, along with Kevin and Bailey, tries to stop her by making funny faces, but Bailey calms Mary down by singing a lullaby. This is similar to the Pokemon episode For Crying Out Loud.


  • Ash
  • Bailey
  • Kevin
  • Mary
  • Wilhelmina
  • Sonic (cameo)
  • Pooh (cameo)
  • Rikochet (cameo)


Part 1

  • (We see Ash eating some cookies)
  • Ash: Mmm! Delicious!
  • Mary: Hi, big brother.
  • Ash: Mary! I told you not to step into the kitchen. Now get lost or else!
  • (Ash pushes Mary to the floor in which she starts to cry loudly like a siren.)
  • Ash: Sorry, Mary. My mistake.
  • Kevin: Ash, what's going on?
  • Bailey: What's happening?
  • Ash: I accidentally pushed Mary to the floor in which she started crying.
  • Kevin: You'll never start pushing your little sister to the floor would you?
  • Bailey: (holds Mary in her arms) There, there. Don't cry, Mary.
  • Ash: I'm sorry i was rude to you, Mary.
  • Mary: Don't ever push me to the floor again. You're a meanie!
  • Bailey: Mary!
  • Mary: I'm sorry.
  • Bailey: You can't call my boyfriend a meanie. You're...
  • Ash: (giggles)
  • Bailey: Ash! How could you?
  • Ash: (burst out laughing)
  • Bailey: (angry) It's not funny, Ash. How can you make your little sister cry?
  • Ash: I couldn't resist, Bailey. Because i'm turning myself into a clown.
  • Bailey: (sighs) Oh, Ash.
  • Ash: I'll never turn myself into a clown ever again.
  • Kevin: You got it, Ash.
  • (Later Ash, Bailey and Kevin take Mary to his room.)
  • Ash: Remember, Mary. You don't wanna cry like a baby but you're acting like spoiled brat
  • Mary: (teary eyed) Oh you're such a loser, big brother. How can i forget you?
  • Bailey: Mary, if you keep crying i will ground you.
  • Mary: (screams and starts crying again)
  • Ash: Aaaghhh!! Make it stop!
  • Kevin: You did start yelling at Ash's little sister again, how could you?
  • Bailey: It wasn't my fault, Kevin.
  • Wilhelmina: What's going on?
  • Ash: Mom, i just knew Mary was such a spoiled crybaby.
  • Wilhelmina: (angry) Ash Ketchum you're such an idiot! I will ground you for good!
  • Ash: (gasps) What!? How could you?
  • (cut to Ash moping around in bed.)
  • Bailey: Oh dear. My boyfriend got grounded.
  • Kevin: And there's no way we can stop Mary from crying.
  • Ash: How can Wilhelmina ground me for causing a lot of trouble.
  • Mary: (sniffs) I'm such a spoiled brat.
  • Ash: Mary! If you keep being a spoiled brat i will ground you just like Wilhelmina did to me.
  • Mary: (goes bubbly eyed and burst to tears again this time even louder).
  • Ash: Arrgh! Mary!
  • Bailey: (growls and gets herself in a rage) STOP CRYING!!!
  • Mary: (cries even more louder and runs out of Ash's room.)
  • Kevin: Hey! Where did you think you're going you little crybaby!
  • Ash: Kevin, calm down. We have to follow Mary.
  • Kevin: Oh.
  • Bailey: We got to find Mary before Wilhelmina grounds you again, Ash.
  • Ash: You got it, Bailey.
  • (Ash, Bailey and Kevin run off to find Mary.)
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see Mary running down the hallway, still crying until she trips over, whimpers and starts a renewed wailing)
  • Ash: What's the matter, Mary. There.
  • (Mary gets angry and slaps Ash on his cheek)
  • Ash: Hey! Don't do that! All right go ahead and keep crying then.
  • Mary: Huh?
  • Ash: I'm not gonna love you no longer.
  • (Tears come out of Mary's eyes, Ash glares at her but turns into sadness)
  • Ash: Oh.
  • (cut to Ash with Bailey and Kevin)
  • Bailey: There's something we can do to stop Mary from crying.
  • Ash: She has been a spoiled brat ever since Wilhelmina grounded me for causing so much trouble.
  • Kevin: I know. Why don't you make her intimidate you.
  • Ash: Good idea, Kevin. Okay, Mary. You can start intimidating now.
  • Mary: All right.
  • (Mary starts intimidating her ears)
  • Ash: This will wait long enough.
  • (Mary keeps intimidating her ears)
  • Kevin: I don't think it's such a good idea.
  • (Mary intimidates her ears longer)
  • Bailey: (growls in anger) Why don't you keep intimidating your ears!
  • (Mary gasps, whimpers and starts crying like a siren)
  • Ash: Look what you done to my little sister!
  • Bailey: Sorry! My bad, my bad.
  • (Mary keeps crying like a siren)
  • Bailey (crying) I'm the one who oughta be crying.
  • (Cut to Ash and Kevin with a crying Mary)
  • Ash: We can't stop Mary from crying until we we cheer her up.
  • Kevin: Yeah! Mary's crying a lot today.
  • Ash: Maybe she's very hungry.
  • Mary: (teary eyed) You'll never forget me, big brother. I wanted to live my life alone!
  • Ash: Mary, come on. You can't be a whiny little girl.
  • (Mary screams, cries loudly and snuggles up to Ash)
  • Ash: Oh, brother.
  • (end of Part 2)

Part 3

  • (

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