Master Chief (voiced by Microsoft Sam) is one of the main antagonists of the Gmod machinima series Sonic World. Unlike his counterpart in Arby 'n' the Chief, in which he was depicted as a trash-talking, immature, and dim-witted sexist, here, the Chief is depicted as a psychopathic, arrogant, megalomaniacal, and delusional egomaniac that runs an Xbox fan club and controls the club members in a dictator-like manner.


Master Chief was the famed mascot of Microsoft and the Halo franchise. As a result, he behaved in a rude behavior and loved to boast in front of other people about how awesome he is and that he is better than any other video game character in history. However, when the Call of Duty franchise came to power, he was knocked of his throne of being the face of the first-person shooter genre. The Chief developed a deep hatred for the series and became firecely loyal to Microsoft. However, when Microsoft started to appeal to casual gamers with Kinect, the Chief was furious. He started feuding with the company complaining that they are making him look bad. Hardcore gamers started calling Master Chief a tratior and was booed upon going on stage gaming conventions. Finally, the Chief was fired from the studio when he assualted a employee playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, who was then forced to live on the street. After witnessing E3 2011, in which Halo was eclisped by many other games, this finally drove the Chief insane. He formulated his club out of obsessed Xbox fanboys and vowed to insure Halo's dominance in the gaming industry.


Master Chief is a psychotic, self-loving, power hungry, madman that loves Halo more than anything else, and hates all non-Halo and non-Microsoft products. Such as the PlayStation 3 and Mozilla Firefox. He is known to get very angry when he sees someone playing a non-Halo game and is often prone to violent fits of rage. When he tries to prove that Halo is a better game, he constantly exaggerates the quality of the games. The Chief also possesses a mammoth-sized ego, beliving that he is the most powerful gaming icon in the entire world and that he can defeat an entire army of other characters without any effort. He also believes that he is a god, giving the Chief a narcissitic persona. This is most notably present when the Chief decides that all non-Halo games are not worthy of existing and goes on a mad campaign to destroy them all. He also tends to speak in rage-filled, inconsistent leet speak. Master Chief also screams very loudly in order to oppress other people. As the series progresses, his voice starts to become extremely distorted and his speech patterns become hyperactive and bizzare; which is an indication of him descending further into madness. While the Arby 'n' the Chief version represents "every nonsensical idiot on the Internet", this version from Sonic World represents the mentally unstable, egotistical, and horribly tempered fanboys.

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