A summary of Master Chief Minisodes, short episodes from the Youtube series Master Chief Sucks at Ordering by UltraHyperShadow.

The term "minisode" is somewhat a misnomer as the episodes are all nearly as long as, or longer than, regular series episodes. Instead, the term refers to the fact that the minisodes are a subplot/sidestory/prequel rather than a main adventure.

Master Chief Minisode 1: Chad Warden

Youtube link
Release date: July 5, 2008
Run time: 2:36
A new character named Chad Warden (based on the infamous Youtube personality) introduces himself to the King and wishes to join him. The King allows him to join because he hates Master Chief's system of choice, the Xbox 360. It is revealed that Master Chief was captured. After the credits, when the King remarks that he needs someone smart to help finish his doomsday machine, the Angry Video Game Nerd appears.


  • First appearance of Chad Warden and the Angry Video Game Nerd

Master Chief Minisode 2: Angry Video Game Nerd

Youtube link
Release date: July 23, 2008
Run time: 2:27
James Rolfe, known more commonly by his Internet reviewer alias the Angry Video Game Nerd, introduces himself to the King. The King allows him to work on the doomsday machine and beat up Master Chief for not liking Nintendo. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise places child pornography on Master Chief's computer in hopes of getting him arrested. After the credits, Master Chief is visited in his cell by Chris Hansen.


  • First appearance of Chris Hansen

Master Chief Minisode 3: Chris Hansen

Youtube link
Release date: August 1, 2008
Run time: 2:33
Chris Hansen interrogates Master Chief over a sexual chat conversation he supposedly had with a minor (in reality, it was placed on his computer by Tom Cruise). Meanwhile, Jack Thompson tells the King that Barack Obama has captured some Scientologists and the only way to defeat him is with John McCain. However, there is no time to summon him, so they must enlist the help of his "other opponent." After the credits, Obama approaches Master Chief in his cell and says he will help him.


  • First appearance of Barack Obama
  • The scene with Jack Thompson and the King is a "Youtube Poop," or a video with audio and video drawn from a number of 1990s sources like television commercials, TV shows, or, most famously, the poorly received Mario and Zelda CD-i games

Master Chief Minisode 4: Barack Obama

Youtube link
Release date: August 11, 2008
Run time: 2:55
Barack Obama says that all but one of Jack Thompson's clones have been killed. He also says he intends to free Master Chief, but does not have the necessary tools. He promises to return and free him. Meanwhile, Jack Thompson tells the King that they should hire the person who lost to Obama in the Democratic nomination race. There is a brief intruder alert, but the King ignores it because he has made contact with their final recruit. After the credits, Obama gives Master Chief a campaign poster that has been vandalised. Obama says he doesn't know who could have done it, when suddenly a makeup-clad Hillary Clinton enters, laughing.


  • First appearance of Hillary Clinton

Master Chief Minisode 5: Hillary Clinton

Youtube link
Release date: August 25, 2008
Run time: 3:45
Master Chief and Obama are confronted by Hillary Clinton. Obama persuades her to kill him another day, as the Democratic convention is starting. The King gets annoyed and makes sexist comments. Chris Hansen irritates him, and Chad Warden escorts him away, but not before making another sexist joke. Hillary decides to leave and become an independant killer. The King says it's time to kill Master Chief. After the credits, Master Chief meets Cortana, who tells him he fulfills the prophecy and it is his job to save the world.


  • First appearance of Cortana
  • This episode was released the first day of the Democratic National Convention. Obama mentions this and requests Hillary abstain from attacking him until it is over
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