Master Hen'tai is a fat guy with a tofu knife who spends most of his time in wooden boxes, making noises.

If he is defeated, he will reward you with an Illustration. Beware that he grows stronger every time.

His boxes can be found in the following places:

1 - house at the end of mount falcon (illustration 17).
2 - inside a ruined building in ruins of the past, 2nd area (illustration 13).
after the cave portion of osira's lair, near the throne room, to the right of the stairs down (illustration 51).
3 - hidden on the west side of the path leading from the portal cave to the village (illustration 03).
4 - hidden on the road to the gardn of anuket (illustration 43).
5 - hidden in the palace kitchens (illustration 09).
6 - hidden in the arena, training area (illustration 18).
7 - hidden on first floor of isolated ruins in greece, fourth encounter/third fight with sir edward (illustration 10)
8 - hidden on the second floor library of the bandit fortress (illustration 46).
9 - hidden in a locked house in the village of wintero (illustration 30).
10 - hidden in a room on the lower level of the castle on monster cove (illustration 32).
11 - hidden in the dungeon level of the mansion of the lord (illustration 22).

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