These are the trivial facts that comparing and contrasting these facts has no merits:

  1. History
  2. Geography


Familiy aspect in Mata and Bohe compared
Aspect Mata Bohe Comments
Number of spouse One at a time Mostly one
Choice of spouse Pre-arranged Personal decision
Wedding Necessity, approved by the nation's official priest, with a formal rites Varies in forms
Anniversary Must be celebrated, accompanied with a priest Varies in forms
Virginity Female virginity will be checked by official priest before marriage, it is a legal requirement Mostly regarded as irrelevant
Number of children Strongly advised to have at least one boy and one girl Personal decision
Marriage with outsider Strongly unrecommended Personal decision, however rare
Consent of parents Necessity Mostly given
Dowry and Bride Price Necessity for both parties Nearly nonexistent
Legal issues is a legal matter, similar to contract, the vow have to be said in front of priest and notary only available on request, mostly not requested
Divorce Understood as a termination of contract, frequent matter Only available when people are married legally
Sexual Affair Understood as a breach of contract, frequent but hidden happens as frequent, some people care, some people don't care
Fortification A criminal offense, occasional, but mostly hidden occasional
Rape Frequent, a major problem Nearly nonexistent

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