The Matle Mansion is a great mansion built by Ahlan Matales great, great, great great, great grandfather. The mansion had a vivarium for many plants he collected. Ahlan had a large minagerie, he had Swamp banthas, Bogwing's, Bowlumps Chuba, Clodhoppers, Daggerts, Dewbacks, Dianogas, Eopies, Falumpasets, Fambaas, Fanbacks, Faynaas, Galoomps, Geejaws, Gullipuds Hohokums, Hrumphs, Igitzes, Ikopi, Jaboon, Kaadu, Kreetle, Mott, Tusk cat, Narglatch, Nuna, Nyork

  1. Pom-hopper
  2. Ollopom
  3. Peko-peko
  4. Pikobi
  5. Rancor
  6. Ronto
  7. Saw-toothed grank
  8. Scurrier (exclusive content)
  9. Shaak
  10. Shaupaut
  11. Shiro trap
  12. Sketto
  13. Tooke
  14. Urusai
  15. Veermok
  16. Womp rat (exclusive content)
  17. Yobshrimp
  18. Zeer

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