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  • Mr. Conductor (both RS and GC) as themselves (Not Matilda or Lavander)
  • Matilda as Matt
  • Lavander as Tanya
  • Harry Cupper as himself
  • Mike Wormwood as Schemer
  • Miss Honey as Stacy Jones
  • Bruce as Dan
  • Amanda Thripp as Becky
  • Hortensia as Kara
  • Zinna Wormwood as Didi
  • Miss Trunchbull as Midge Snoot
  • Harry Wormwood as Mr. Conductors Evil Twin
  • Olie as Thomas
  • Young Dad as Edward
  • Little Green Dad as Henry
  • Olies Dad as Gordon
  • Uncle Gizmo as James
  • Billy as Percy
  • Pappy as Toby
  • Little Green Olie as Duck
  • The Jollies as Donald and Douglas
  • Wheelie as Oliver
  • Gloomius Maximus as Diesel
  • Coochie and Coo as Bill and Ben
  • Olies Mom as Emily
  • Zowie as Rosie
  • Screwy as Diesel 10

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