the Matoran Nicknamed ''Tohunga'' are Mata Nui's Island habitants

Matoran Breeds

  1. Ta-Matoran (from ''Ta-Koro'': Male)
  2. Ko-Matoran (from ''Ko-Koro'': Male)
  3. Ga-Matoran (from ''Ga-Koro'': Female)
  4. Po-Matoran (from ''Po-Koro'': Male)
  5. Onu-Matoran (from ''Onu-Koro'': Male)
  6. Le-Matoran (from ''Le-Koro'': Male)
  7. Av-Matoran (from ''Av-Koro'': Male and Female)
  8. Fe-Matoran (From the Southern Continent, Male)
  9. Kra-Matoran (Artifical creations, male or female)
  10. 11 Megta (from Megta Nui Island: All)


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