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A blah doodle of Matt Matt is the son of Blaze and Silver and is the prince of his dimension. His family's blood holds a special god like power to those who know how to use it correctly. this attracted the attention of the organization known as F.A.D.E. who wanted the family's blood to dominate the kingdom.

Before Dieing Blood

On a normal day like any other Matt was lead to the Soul Emeralds chamber by his father to listen to another one of his mothers stories when F.A.D.E. blew a hole in the wall and attacked. Blaze and Silver tried desperately to protect Matt but died trying. the sight of his parents death triggered Matt's first ascension to Blaze Mode, the power of his family's blood line, and nearly destroyed the members of F.A.D.E. but ultimately failed like his parents. The leader of F.A.D.E. was about to deliver the final blow when something unexpected happened. His parents souls (in the form of green kinetic light and flames) protected Matt. the souls then combined shard's of a light spear that had pierced Matt's ankle and made a locket type pendent. then Matt was sent through time and space as an aftereffect, losing all memory and emotion during the journey.

When Matt awoke he was in a gutter in a large unnamed city. his life from that point to when he turned 8 was pitiful. he was treated worse then garbage. on his eight birthday he was jumped and his instincts took over. He killed his attackers with his pyrokinetic powers. upon discovering his new powers Matt wanted one thing. Revenge. Revenge on the world that shunned and ignored him when he was in need. He obliterated the city he had awoken in and everyone in it. he then took to traveling, causing havoc wherever he could. around 10 years old he learned he could use his powers for a more universal gain. He took to being somewhat of a mercenary, taking any job that needed killing. when he entered his teen years he took up escort missions, thinking by protecting the kind of people that shunned him they would regret ever considering ignoring him. when he turned 16 he seemed to loss whatever had driven him to this point in his life. he no longer desired revenge. his bank account had grown large over the years so he could have 'retired'. but he continued traveling, it being the only thing he ever done in his life. one day at a local cafe he stopped a few bank robbers, and that's when he meet Mercy. and his life changed forever.

Dieing Blood

when he first meet Mercy he had treated her much like he had treated everyone else he meet. but after he saved her life they became traveling companions. Mercy had repaid the favor by saving Matt but they had grown fond of each other and continued to travel. one night while camping they were attacked by members of F.A.D.E. not knowing who they were at the time or what they wanted. after multiple encounters with F.A.D.E. members Matt learned why they pursued him and about his past. he had learned that his emotions where the source of his powers and that having total control of all of them would let him enable Blaze Mode. though the only times he entered it was when someone he held precious was harmed. he also heard of a prophecy about his family. the prophecy read

thine of royal blood will forever be cursed and blessed with thine powers. there will always be those who seek to abuse thine powers. thine powers them self are the only thing that may protect thyself form thine pursuers. thine royal prince will only love two. one of each sex. thine will give thine life for both but spend thine life with only one. the loved one found second will be forever the one thine prince will spend his life with. to control thine powers thine prince will have to control thine loved ones, for they are the source of thine powers. be wary of thy powers, for they are a blessing but also a curse.

After Dieing Blood

Matt loved Mercy with all his heart and hoped to never meet this supposed second love. but it was not to be. Matt had wiped out F.A.D.E. after they had ambushed him and Mercy. he was thrown from a cliff into the ocean below. he was paralyzed and dieing. but Mercy's screams reached his ear and his locket broke, releasing his parents souls. he had ascended to a level past Blaze Mode and massacred all of F.A.D.E. along with his, his mothers, and his fathers blood samples that F.A.D.E. had brought over from there dimension. after the battle Matt and Mercy had settled in a nearby hotel and made love. Matt lived a happy life with Mercy after that. until he meet the prophesied 'second love'.

ironically it was Mercy's doing that had caused Matt to meet the 'second love' by sending him to a special all boys school. it was here that Matt had meet X, his second love. upon learning of this Mercy left to her home, Ice Mountain. Matt, know having many new friends, lived (somewhat) happily in his new school. until he was attacked by a member of F.A.D.E. revised.Matt and X doodle by Cammy Hearts

it was the night of a school dance. Matt had excepted X as his second love and all was well. until he got drunk and nearly forced himself on X. X had called a friend to help fix Matt. due to his powers Matt's body had rejected the alcohol in his body and when he awoke he was sober and regretful. not wanting to face x he ran to his friend, Marcos, room. there he was attacked by the leader of the new F.A.D.E. revised. he had nearly lost his life in the battle but he no longer felt regret towards X. after that Matt was all the more cautious. a new F.A.D.E. meant his friends and X were in potential danger.


before he was forced to his current dimension he was a happy fun loving boy with a white teddy bear. but after his jump he had lost all emotion and became cold and heartless. all that had changed when he meet Mercy though. he slowly regained all his lost emotions and fell deeply in love with Mercy and later X. Matt is normally cold and (to be frank) mean to everyone he meats at first (save a few exceptions). in most instances he later becomes friends with them and would risk his life for any he grants the tittle to. he tries to be sympathetic when his friends need him to be but usually fails. there for whenever sympathy is needed he leaves it to someone else and just does what he can to help. though its rare lust is an emotion he gained along with all the rest and when he's alone with someone he loves he can be very passionate.


Matt is a pryokinetic and can manipulate the areas temperature at his will. Meaning he can make the area very very VERY hot. this is mostly under his control but he may accidentally raise the temperature when hes mad or embarrassed.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. This is quit literal for Matt as he can literally see into your soul by looking into your eyes. Matt can discover things you yourself might now know about you. though he would never go that far unless he deemed it necessary. there are restrictions though. reading a killers soul is VERY difficult as when you kill someone your soul splits off into pieces. it is possible to read a killers soul with ease with a lot of practice and determination. things Matt cant be bothered with. a pure persons soul is like reading a book with a giant microscope. one of the reasons Matt never doubts Marco becoming a Saint.

if eyes are the windows to the soul what is the door to get in? its something Matt likes to call 'breaking an entering'. it is when Matt forcefully entries anothers soul in extreme cases. he has only done this twice. both on the same person. this is considered a act of last resort as it cleanses the soul and body of all evils....if Matt does the procedure correctly. if he doesn't there can be permanent damage done to both Matt and the recipient. Matt has been lucky both times so far but it is unlikely he'll be doing it again.....

when he enters Blaze Mode he is under complete and utter control of his powers and can burn anyone he wants but keep a select few at comfortable temperature. he has few signiter attacks as he prefers to light the 'victim' on fire and let him burn but when he wants there are a few signiter moves that 'leave a mark'.

Pot Shot: raises the temperature in victim's forehead to burn skin, brain, blood, and marrow cells leaving a clean hole through the victim's head

Heart Stopper: places his hand over the victim's chest and raises the temp of the victim's heart till the blood becomes too hot for the body and the body begins to reject the blood from every orifice. this also (as the name implies) stops the heart from beating

Relationship with other Characters

Mercy-ex girlfriend. one of the two he would be prophisized to love

X-boyfriend. one of the two he would be prophisized to love

Marco-friend. has saved Matt's life three times and counting. believes in his ascension to Sainthood 100%

Kart-rival. has a primal hate for him for being a fellow prince

Kanji-unknown. Matt's not sure what he considers Kanji. though Kanji has nearly killed him twice and counting he doesn't hate him for it.

Lo-Lin-considered sister. Matt considers Lo-Lin his sister. always there to help when she needs it

Sondra-friend. one of the only two people Matt wasn't a jerk to when they first meet.

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