Loveable. Charming. Cuddly. Fluffy. Made in a Third World Country.

That would be what Matt44au would be like if he were a Care Bear. But he isnt a Care Bear, so those attributes dont really describe him well.

A member since the beginnings of Jack Attack on GameFAQs, Matt44au is a friendly and familiar face on GAJ. The first user to join who was from Australia, Matt44au has contributed much to the community and the board as a whole, putting his love and skill of writing to good work.

How He Found GAJ

Being from Australia, Matt44au had no idea about Jack Thompson or his crusade. Visiting the GTA San Andreas Board, he found out about the fellow from a topic detailing an exchange of emails between a 14 year old and the lawyer himself. This got his fire going about JT and followed the topics which told people who wanted the be part of Jack Attack, then GAJ, to go.

His Time on GAJ

Soon after signing up, Matt44au became a moderator by winning a promotion because he made up the slogan for the board. Back then, you needed a certain amount of posts and a promo to go into the ranks of Moderator, and then Admin. Once that old system was thrown out the window, Matt44au was promoted to admin, the position which he now holds today.

He has sent letters to Jack Thompson, as himself asking for debates, posing as parents of 15 year old kids, university students, and others. He has also helped other people with their letters, helping them to rewrite them and change things. He has also made a number of successful topics on the Mess Hall, and participated in many other popular topics.

James Smile

Main Article: James Smile

James Smile was a trilogy which Matt44au wrote, purely for the boards enjoyment. It started as a short story, and the second opened onto an epic saga which held Bloodlust555666's attention and obsession right until the very end and beyond.


Main Article: Orsakest

Orsakest, the second story by Matt44au on GAJ is co written by FDL. It hasnt been finished yet, and is on hiatus because of external circumstances preventing the writers from continuting. It details the stories of Mike and Jess, two people whose worlds are under attack, and their fight to stop their worlds from being taken over.

Personality Traits

Known For: Writing, making funny comments, impersonations and various voices
Friends: Everyone on GAJ except for Ghost_of_Sanand and Speedster

What Users Think of Matt44au

  • Matt. I can't tell the difference between him and Peter Griffin! =O Well, at least when he does his Peter Griffin voice. Apart from his voice acting, he's a great guy, fun to talk to and has funny jokes. Kenjii/10 - FDL/ATA
  • Matt, great guy, great comedian, bad at making pills though.... I do believe I’m late on my next dose of JS pills. -Bloodlust555666
  • Probably the only person I remember from GAJ 1, besides Bloodlust555666 and AdmiralFutch. Great guy from what I remember. ~ Familyghost
  • Meh* -PurebredGamer
  • He's...powuhful.griffinlancer

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