Matteo Cavanna
Biographical Information
Age Unknow
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation None
Occupation Unknow
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Human (Former)
Team Heroes
Family Simone Piccardo (Maker)

Matteo Cavanna is a major character from Nikipedia.


Early life

Although he disdained the military while growing up, thinking they only knew how to follow orders, Cavanna joined up after seeing films of Nazi atrocities, feeling something that evil had to be fought.

Cavanna served as part of a team who captured a German submarine, only to become trapped on the ocean floor when the submarine's cargo —Alberto Marchelli, Benedetta Bibbiani, and Christian Concas, three vampires who had been captured as part of a Nazi research program—attacked most of the senior officers. Wishing to recover the submarine, the Demon Research Initiative forcibly recruited Simone Piccardo to perform the mission.

Once aboard, Simone assumed command of the submarine thanks to the command codes provided for him by the Initiative. He staked Concas and convinced Alberto and Benedetta to work with the crew to get the sub moving again. Unfortunately, thanks to the actions of Concas and a Nazi officer, the submarine was damaged and Cavanna, the only person who knew how to repair it, was fatally injured after the Nazi officer stabbed him; with no other way to save the crew, Simone sired Cavanna. After the submarine surfaced near shore, Simone allowed Alberto, Benedetta and Cavanna to go free, subsequently fleeing himself.

The supernatural War

Meanwhile, Guglielmo and Matteo are summoned by the Guardian Focacci that after revealing the current situation and promised them wealth and gratitude, asks for their help to permanently delete Alberto.

To be continue...


Powers and abilities

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