Mattia Focacci
Biographical Information
Age 500
Birthdate About 1510 C.E
Affiliation The Authority
Occupation Guardian of the Authority
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Team Heroes
Family Unknow
Mattia Focacci is one character of Nikipedia. He is the namesake of Mattia Focacci and apparently it is the Final Timeline counterpart of Enrico Lombardi.


Early life

Mattia was made vampire in approximately 1510 C.E. He envisioned establishing a world in which all beings both human and supernatural lived together in peace. 100 years later he was joined in his cause by seven other vampires, who became his closest advisers, thus the Authority was born.

Further details on the activities of Mattia are unknown but it is known that at some point in his activities he met Alberto Marchelli.

Powers and abilities

Enrico had the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire such as superhuman strength, speed and healing. He had a natural affinity for glamouring. Due to her age, he was much stronger and faster than younger vampires but far weaker than her superiors such as Simone Piccardo and Alberto Marchelli.

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