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Maurice LaMarche (Born March 30, 1958) is an Emmy Award-Winning Canadian-American voice actor and former stand-up comedian.

He voiced Kif Kroger on Futurama, Egon Spengler in The Real Ghostbusters, Verminious Skumm and Duke Nukem in Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Big Bob Pataki on Hey Arnold, Orson Welles on The Critic, Hugh Tazmanian Devil on Taz-Mania, Dizzy Devil on Tiny Toon Adventures, The Brain and Squit on Animaniacs and its spin-off, Pinky and the Brain, Mortimer Mouse from Mickey Mouse, Sleet on Sonic Underground, Father on Codename: Kids Next Door and Toucan Sam in various Froot Loops commercials.

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