Maurice and Remus is a comedy series created by Joe Workenstein. The series made it's premiere in September 16, 2011 and new episodes are premiering as of October 2, 2011. The series is an animated homage to the play-tuned TV series, The Odd Couple. The series was originally titled "Guess Who?" featuring four individual characters: Marcus, Reggie, Chris and Gabriela. Marcus and Reggie were later become Maurice and Remus. Gabriela would later become Brenda.

This series serves as a spin-off of the running series, Duncan Takes the City. All of the characters except Maurice, Remus, Brenda, Skyler, Pacy, The Clubbe Workers and The Star Wars Brothers have appeared in the series as the same character from Duncan's school. Duncan makes an appearance in one of the episodes, including that he's part of the series.

In October 27, 2011, the series airs it's second season, despite only 13 episodes have been produced for the first season. The new season features a change in the production of the team. The animation style has been changed since Games Animation sold the cartoon to Toon Boom Animation. A new opening sequence was created featuring a new jazzy theme song and several clips from upcoming season 2 episodes. Due to controversary of African-American stereotypical portrays of Uncle Remus in the books, Remus' name was changed to Rebus (of the rebus puzzles) and Maurice is nicknamed Marcus at the time similar to the pre-production of the cartoon series before it launed on October 2.

In January 5, 2012, the show aires it's third season. The third season, renamed as Marcus and Rebus, features the production of the cartoon changed over to Gunther-Wahl Productions producing the series with a more anime-look style. The theme song and opening sequence has changed, composed by Mitchell Schauer (creator of Angry Beavers) and giving the characters new outfits.

Unfortunatley, the show was canceled in February 21, 2012 due to lack of ratings and lack of money. The final episode, Frozen Iceberg, made it the unofficial series finale, as an alternative ending reveals that Rebus pressed a button that erased him and Marcus from existence. A movie titled "Irish Cole Bridge" aired using the same animation style, voice cast and characters, originally as a spin-off but because of lack of ratings of the show, made it the official series finale, including guest casts of Henry Winkler as Felix Unger and Ted McGinley as Oscar Madison.

A Disney remake was made known as Disney's Maurice and Remus premiering in 2012 staring Maurice, narrating and Rebus, narrating also, realizing the changes since four years later.


Two teenagers who are the exact opposites are sharing an apartment of Stonage Hills. Maurice is Caucasian and is a neat-freak while Remus is African-American and is a dirty man. Unfotunatley, due to the low compassibility of owning their own homes due to the lack of money, the two have to live together as best friends.


  • Maurice Spiffy Falconzone: A 16-year old teenage son who is an ongoing nice child with a passion for art. He works as an artist in the Higgleway Museum. His best friend is Remus Ferguson. Maurice is considered a neat freak as he cant take much of the side of dirt in his art, although he makes acception for food droppings on his clothes because "food can be eaten". He has a little sister named Brenda who loves making money.
  • Reginald Fleabag "Rem/bus" Ferguson: The best friend of Mauriuce Falconzone. Remus is named after his storytelling uncle, describe his character being politically incorrect. He is portrayed as a stereotype of African Americans, being dirty, lazy and eager to become famous. Remus is moe interested in sports and is included on every sport of the school team. Remus can speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. His favorite sport is skateboarding and basketball and also enjoys rap/hip hop music. Remus is also a goodbreakdancer and is mostly known for wearing a baseball cap backwards. He has a little brother named Roy who is a video-game crazed child.
  • Brenda Falconzone: A 12-year old girl who is a con artist and loves making money. She is Maurice's little sister. Brenda has a best friend named Sarah who is her sidekick. She is a devious genius who has great ideas and plans and skills to get things her way. She is the voice of reason for the duo when-ever they get out of hand. Brenda is a parody of that of Ginger Falcone from Zeke and Luther.
  • Skyler Rudy: A 17-year old Irish-American teenager who usually hangs out by the guys side and makes fun of them. He is popular and has a girlfriend named Beyonce who is named after the famous singer. Skyler can do incredible BMX tricks on a skateboard and owns every single card of Yogi-Bo (parody of Yu-Gi-Oh!) and can work himself on a computer. He is also a warrior in the game of Quest World.
  • Terrence "Thesauras Terry" Guadalupe: The smartest kid in the neighborhood who is a parody of Encyclopedia Brown. Thesauras Terry is known for his green ski-hat, his Canadian T-shirt and his khaki jeans. His father is a thesauras author which is the existence of his knowledge. Thesauras Terry's catchphrase is "Indodebally". He wishes to be an author when he grows up. His appearance is based on Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Most of his hobbies are studying the geometric measurement of the angle of a basketball to shoot it, de-essembling things and tutorialling how the animators make the 3D video games.
  • Melson Runkin: A male Jewish 16-year old boy who is a young inventor. He spends too much time in the computer. He enjoys ancient video tape-cassettes, compact discs, digital video discs, audio recorders, personal computers, notebook laptops and obsolete video-game consoles. Melson is also skilled at pyrotecnics in which he loves lighting things on fire and using old Chinese firecrackers. Most of his inventions involve getting himself out of homework. His favorite holiday is thanksgiving due to the parades on television.
  • Pacy: A 14 month old baby girl in a stroller who originally makes cameo appearances but is now considered a secondary character. She is always seen sucking on a pacifier, hench her name. Her pacifier is usually a butterfly pacifier but it usually changes. She constantly makes sucking noises whenever she appears which maybe shows how she communicates. Her mother is Mommy Dearest. Wendy is her babysitter. Pacy is mostly the brains for Remus and Maurice. She usually spits her pacifier at somebody's face whenever she is upset or mad at them. She even sleeps while sucking her pacifier. Pacy is modeled after Charlie Duncan, the titular character from Good Luck Charlie. In the third season premiere, Pacy grown a little taller, sucks on lollipops instead, but still a toddler age and is referred to as Patricia by the characters but for the last three episodes of the series, she becomes a pacifier sucking baby again but her butterfly pacifier is bigger and she closes her eyes most often.
  • Wendy Darling: A German-American teenage girl who which Maurice has a crush on. Wendy is passionate and is very adventerous girl as well. Her personality is based on Fiona from Adventure Time. Wendy's outfit consists of a short hooded blue jacket and jean shorts. She is in love with Duke Willacem and Slappy McCracken. Wendy also loves chocolate.
  • Jessiebell "Tammy" Pickett: An exchange student from Tennesee who is strong and willing. Tammy speaks with a Texan accent is very sweet and nice. She is smart but mostly enjoys some frozen cow juice (ice cream). Tammy's catchphrase is "For the love of dill pickles..." when complaining. Tammy is based on Bailey Pickett from The Suite Life on Deck.
  • Saka-Gundam Suzuki: A Japanese-American 16-year old boy who is a fan of anime. Saka-Gundam is dressed as a Super Sentai (Power Ranger) and also loves using his super Gogo-Gogo sword. His favorite anime is Wasabi Yaki (based on Doraemon) and Mungbean Man (based on Yayauke Rider Dragon of New Rote'ka). Saka-Gundam speaks Japanese phrases from time to time. He also loves mangas, especially Mighty Bot, Hero Boy (based on Astro Boy) and Noble Knight. His name is a reference to Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Manuel & Jerome: Two workers from The Clubbe, a music scam operation which involves buying the first week pack of music cds for 99 cents while the other weeks of discs for the price that they decide which is up to $500. Manuel is the leade of the duo who is Mexican-American and is short. He usually calls people "Mangs" which is a reference to his Spanish culture. Manuel will make two options to people who cannot make the payment for the CD's: the first one is a rare option in which by how interesting the customers look, he's willing to take all CDs back and take the customers out of the Clubbe if there in 'mint condition' and the second option is the only part of his job that he doesn't like which he takes the person who signed the contract and will either force him to sing records until his debt is payed or put the information to the authorities. Jerome is the tall one who is British-American and doesn't talk much but has incredible skills. Jerome is a parody of Ferb Fletcher from Phineas and Ferb.
  • The Nerds: A group of nerds who are socially outcasts but are deemed superior to the others. They are the rivals of Maurice and Remus. All nerds are a parody of the nerds from the 1984 movie Revenge of the Nerds and each nerd has a nickname.
    • Phineas "Sydney" Poindexter: An African-American nerd who serves as the leader of the gang. He spekas with a nasal voice and despises Maurice. Usually from time to time, his gang becomes a mafiso like gang offering kids help with various problems in exchange for mysterious favors down the roads. He is known as the "Nerdfather".
    • Tadashi Wayne "Gigabyte" Toshiro: A Japanese American nerd. Though he understands English perfectly, he always speaks Japanese with subititles in the first season. Despite his inability to speak English, his sister and mother speak English perfectly. In the second season, he speaks English with a heavy Japanese accent, has a major role and is also a country singer. Gigabyte is a fan of computers in which he borrows from Melson to create Gigavisa (parodying Windows Vista). He also wishes to become Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol. He can speak Klingon and is a fan of Galaxy Wars. He is a parody of Takashi Toshiro from Revenge of the Nerds. Voice of Daisuke Suzuki in 1st season, Brian Tochi, reprising his role from Revenge of the Nerds as Takashi and Randy Smith as his singing voice. His theme song, when going on an adventure or entering a contest, is the Japanese song "Daisy Bell" sung by Tochi himself from the movie.
    • George "Mucus" Lucas: A Polish-American nerd who does disgusting habits such as picking his nose, hench the name. He is a parody of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds. Mucus loves hitting on girls and is known as the most relaxed and easily angered person of the nerds group. He is voiced by Curtis Armstrong, parodying his role from Revenge of the Nerds as Booger. Mucus' real full name is a parody of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.
    • Cecil "Calamari" Gilbert: A Puerto-Rican American nerd who seems as the less talkative and less featured character. He adores plutonium and many other chemicals due to the color changing and the effects. Cecil is camera shy and has stage fright easily. His catchphrase is "gosh", "yes" and "idiots", parodying that of Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Mommy Dearest: The mother of Pacy, the pacifier sucking baby. Mommy Dearest is an overprotective mother and she is always sweet. She usually gives Maurice and Remus sugar cookies whenever they behaved in which Remus loved and Maurice hated.
  • Chug-Gum: An overweighted classmate of Maurice and Remus who only communicates with the classic Peanuts trombone that goes "Wah". Chug-gum is known as the dirtiest student in Polytech Middle School and he always finishes his plate (rumors spread sometimes he even eats his plate and napkin). Ghug-gum has no voice actor.
  • Michael Joesph/Super 80s: A classmate of Maurice and Remus who is a fan of the 1980s and is a parody of Michael Jackson as his clothes are parodying of Jackson during his Thriller music video. He commonly speaks in many stereotypical 1980s slang, plays 70s arcade games and calls on vintage 80s celluar phones. He does the moonwalk whenever he moves and he says Jackson's catchphrases as well "Hee hee" and "Shamoan".
  • Ian Wakowski: A Scotch-Irish American boy who is the weirdest kid in school. He wears glasses and his animation is based on the artwork of Gary Baseman and Everett Peck. He is asthmatic and loves keeping valuable food from different trips.
  • Duke Willams: A classmate of Maurice and Remus who is known as the coolest guy in school. His greaser haircut and his leather jacket is a parody of Fonz from Happy Days. He speaks in a surfers accent and speaks stereotypical surfer slang. Wendy has a crush on Duke. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating Henry Winkler.
  • Harold: A nerdish, good-spirited kid who is a classmate for Maurice and Remus who enjoys playing Quest World. Speaks with an Indian accent. His appearance is modeled after Baljeet from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Jenny: A Danish-American girl who is the meanest and popular girl in school. He is portrayed as a school diva and Remus has a crush on her. She is a parody of Sharpay from High School Musical.
  • Cher Leader: Three Indonesian American cheer leaders who portray as cheerleaders for the school. They all dress the same, look the same and do the same tricks. They speak in many stereotypical cheers.
  • Mortimer: A Moroccan hustler who's accent is similar to Peter Lorre. He looks for old junk to be recycled to new items and to sell it to the school and streets. He is also a loan shark and loans thousands of dollars to people but they have to pay back with interest by two days or they get the big pinch.
  • Slappy McCracken: A Norwegian-American foreign-exchange student from Mozzarellaville, a town with a full cheese population. He was sentenced to America to fleed from the Cheese War and the Pig War. He speaks perfect English but with a heavy accent and he also has a crush on Tammy in which Tammy also returns the love. Slappy is dressed in a stereotypical 1940s sailor suit with red hair. Slappy is named after animator, Craig McCracken.
  • Cheech: A Vietnamese-American classmate of Maurice and Remus who is a short stubby kid. He doesnt have much speaking roles but speaks with a high-pitched voice.
  • Fancy-Pancy: A pompous Greek-American 17-year old teenager who is the classmate of Maurice and Remus. Fancy wears a sailor hat and is dressed in a black tuxedo with a red bowtie. He speaks in a snooty accent. He was originally a background character but later became a minor character.
  • Chente: An Ecuardorian-American classmate of Marcus and Remus who is known for his sneaky ways for stealing food and his skinny body due to his lack of nutrition. He is a parody of El Chavo del Ocho created by Robert Gomez Bolanos. Chente wears a purple/orange hat.
  • Devlin: A Russian-American classmate of Marcus and Remus who is considered the fastest guy in school for his tricks. He wears a red hat which is an energy dome from the 1980s band Devo music video "Whip It", yellow shirt, green pants and black shoes. Devlin also wields a bebe-gun.
  • Oly: An Ojibwe hippie who speaks with a heavy accent and has one ear piercing on his left ear. Oly loves eating chow mein without meat and he also has a craving for ice cream. He is known for his Moe Howard bowlcut.
  • Janitor Porkpatine and Professor Darth-Mater: Brothers who work at the school where Marcus and Remus attend. Janitor Porkpatine is a Russian-American pork-loving skinny, grinnish old man with a hooded jacket who is the janitor at their school. He rides around a cart named Miranda who communicates by beeping, similar to R2D2. He is a parody of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Professor Darth-Mater is Marcus and Remus' science teacher who is Scottish-American wears a dark black mask, black suit, a white T-shirt, a striped bow tie, green pants, brown shoes and a supermarket hat. He is a parody of Darth Vader from Star Wars. A hint is that his name-tag says Anakin (Darth Vader's real name) and his son is named Luke (Darth Vader's son, Luke Skywalker). While Janitor Porkpatine is voiced by Steven Tompkins, Darth-Mater's voice is provided by the Macintosh Macintalk 'Ralph' voice which was used for the titular character in WALL-E. Most of Darth's attitude is based on Professor Jirafales from El Chavo, even sporting the catchphrase "TA-TA-TA-TA-TAAAA!!!".
  • Captain Hopper: A grasshopper superhero who is a parody of El Chapulin Colorado, created by Robert Gomez Bolanos. He made his first appearance in the 3rd season.
  • Doug Ethroy: An Italian-American boy who is the most hansomest guy in school as girls swoon over him. He speaks Italian sometimes but he doesnot carry the accent.
  • Chicago Joe: A Hmong-American classmate of Maurice and Remus who is the funniest guy in school folr his puns, jokes, slapsticks and humor. He is also a comedian in many stage shows.
  • Alfin Oddysen: A Korean-American athlete who is a jock and loves exercising. His appearance is based on Richard Simmons while his haircut is sometimes styled as a pompadour.
  • Mr. Baaman: The teacher of Maurice and Remus. He hates his job and he seems to be lazy but wishes to go on an early retirement if Maurice and Remus are held back another year.
  • Mrs. Fifi OuiOui: A French-American teacher who teaches World Language, mostly French 101. She has a daughter named Eliza who only speaks French.
  • Eliza OuiOui: Mrs. OuiOui's teacher who only speaks French but speaks little to no English. Maurice and Remus both have a crush on her depsite lack of communication.
  • Adil: A Pakistanian-Turkish child who is the pen-pal of Maurice. He speaks both English and Turkish. When he spents time on America, he usually gets picked on and being called a terrorist (due to Bin Laden of the 9/11 attacks). He has a best friend named Wen and a little sister named Joycee.
  • Tiger Lily: A mute Native-American girl who which Maurice loved when they first met. Tiger Lily is the daughter of Chief WickyWicky.
  • Principal Hallibur: The principal of Maurice and Remus' school.
  • Adolf: A German-American soldier from Berlin, Germany who is a warrior. He also has a grudge against Koreatown and Little Tokyo for their dasterdly deeds.
  • Bobert: A robot child programmed by the AKKU to study the life of humanity. His appearance is based on Robot Jones from the short-lived Cartoon Network series, Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?.
  • Django: An upcoming character to appear in the season finale. According to the formspring, he will be a Dominican-American guitar loving boy with the ability to control people's minds with his music, similar to the Pied Piper.
  • Duncan: A juvenial delinquent who's family are in the police department business. Duncan appears in his own series "Duncan Takes the City" which featured most of the characters in this show. Duncan only made one appearance so far.
  • Spiffy: Maurice's pet cat, named after his middle name. Spiffy is a neat-freak, just like Maurice. Spiffy starred in the 1975 series "Oddball Couple" which was an animalized animated version of the Odd Couple.
  • Fleabag: Remus' pet dog, named after his middle name. Fleabag is messy, just like Remus. Fleabag starred in the 1975 series "Oddball Couple" which was an animalized animated version of the Odd Couple.
  • Felix Unger: Maurice's father who was the original neat-freak in the Odd Couple series. Despite Felix's surname, Maurice uses his mothers' maiden name instead since it sounded cool. They appear in the series finale, Frozen Iceberg and in the animated movie, Irish Cole Bridge, voiced by Henry Winkler of Happy Days.
  • Oscar Madison: Remus' father who was the original slob in the Odd Couple series. Despite Oscar's surname, Remus uses his mothers' maiden name instead since his uncle's death. They appear in the series finale, Frozen Iceberg and in the animated movie, Irish Cole Bridge, voiced by Ted McGinley of Happy Days (reuniting with Winkler).


  • The Oddball Couple: The series premiere of the animated spin-off of The Odd Couple. Two complete opposites are forced to move into a huge apartment as roomates.
  • Video-Gamers: Maurice accidentally traded away his new video-game console to a stranger and now must get it back.
  • The Clubbe: Remus signs to a scam operation called the Clubbe where they charge you a price they decide for 100 CDs since Maurice bought a fancy stereo. Now, both Maurice and Remus owe The Clubbe $500. First appearance of Manuel & Jerome.
  • Nerdopolis: Maurice gets a perfect score on his test and he's now transferred to the highest society of The Nerds. After showing respect due to his genius mind, Maurice joined to the dork side.
  • Pay Per Venture: Remus decides to do a little thing called "plexing" where you sneak into a movie theater without paying after paying for your first movie.
  • Lunchtime Blues: Maurice cant stand the school's cafeteria lunch and now he decides to create a food cart for all children to enjoy to show the school what real food is.
  • One Flu Over the Cuckoos: After playing with the heavy rain, Maurice and Remus develop a cold. Now there gonna miss the annual super fair.
  • The Exchange Student: The classroom learns how a fictional country titled Motzarellaville is at war. Then, it was announced that due to the war, a foreign-exchange-student from that town will be moving to the United States and attend this school named Slappy McCracken who crushes on Wendy.
  • Plastic Surgery Test: Maurice and Remus are signed up for the plastic surgery competition but are in challenged with four tenth-grade surgeons.
  • The Pacifier: Marcus is looking for a job and he decides to babysit the four month old girl, Pacy. But unfortunatley, her favorite butterfly pacifier is missing and now he has to find it.
  • Uncle Remus Storytellin': Remus is looking for a job and he decides to stoytell to a bunch of kindergarteners. Unfortunatley, he didn't inherit the storytelling genes from his uncle and so, he decided to think what his uncle would do by acting like him.
  • The Real Boy: Marcus and Remus tries to make Bobert a normal real boy but he starts to paint him self and simulates his voice to Marcus and Remus and tries to steal their lives. Now, Marcus and Remus must try to kill him.
  • Peer Pressure Trilogy - Gold Digger: After seeing Duke Willams having a rich allowence, Maurice and Remus decide to dig up gold from the Ming dynasty gold mine in which they become rich. Season 1 Finale.

Season 2

  • One More Late: Rebus is in big trouble as he has been skipping school from the "be on school at 10:00 policy" so the principal says if he's late one more time, he will be held back.
  • Maurice and Remus in Pet War: Maurice and Remus enter there pets: Spiffy and Fleabag into the Pet Championships trying to beat Duke's terrior.
  • Food Fight: A foodfight just occured in the cafeteria and Remus just figured out who started the food fight but it's against the rules to be a tattletale but the teacher decided to get each kid to squeal individually.
  • Act your Age: Duke's eighteenth birthday just past and his present is a new car and his driver's license. In order to get a license, Maurice and Remus drank from the Fountain of Growth to become older.
  • Daiju Daiju: The characters are competing in a sports competition and the nerd need help from Maurice and Rebus. First episode featuring Tadashi's theme song, "Daisy Bell".
  • Kung Fool: Rebus enters the Japanese dojo but realizes that they were just making him clean the bathrooms.
  • Notes: The OddBall Couple and the Nerds tend to use fake notes, with the pendmanship of Mucus' robot, Picker, but he quits because of the stress so they must figure a way to fit an excuse with one note.
  • Vacumn Friend: Rebus hangs out with a vacumn after a fight with Maurice.
  • Dates: Also known as Garage Band, Maurice, Rebus, Tadashi and Slappy McCracken tend to form a band called "The Rockstallions" to impress girls, but they lack one thing: the song.

Season 3

Due to the unexpected cancellation, the show ended for six episodes in the 3rd season.

  • Gotta Pee: At the mall, all bathrooms are out of order and Maurice (now called Marcus) has to go after drinking lemonade.
  • New Semester: Because of the show's progression, the episode starts in a new semester featuring a new anime-look. Rebus is excited about the new semester and tries to fit in again.
  • Moving: Marcus plans to teach Rebus a lessor for kicking him out by pretending that his family moved away.
  • Subway Travel: After a mugging incident, The Oddball Couple's bus broke so they have to rely on the subway to go to their designations but realize it's so boring.
  • It's Christmas - The only holiday special until March. It's Christmas eve and Marcus is all alone since he doesn't celebrate Christmas due to his Jewish heritage. The only episode featured religious elements and references.
  • Frozen Iceberg: Rebus invents a machine that travels him and Marcus to several parts of history. Felix & Oscar, from the original Odd Couple series, make their first appearance in the episode. After the episode, "Maurice and Remus" ended.
  • Irish Cole Bridge: Maurice and Remus (his original name now retained) are off to find the legendary Gilded Golden Four Leaf Clover which inherits luck but musts beat a leprechaun named Razznik who holds the energy source of all power. Felix & Oscar, from the original Odd Couple series, appear and reveal themselves to the boys (voice of Winkler and McGinley from Happy Days) and at the end features a wrap up party of the show with the last line "Goodnight, Folks!". This episode is the true series finale of Maurice and Remus, which the episode aired one month after it's cancellation, because the episode was originally a planned spin-off.

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