Mavis's Evil Plan is a Thomas the Tank Engine parody episode by cactus190706.


Mavis was cross with Bill and Ben and solds them that they are causing a lot a trouble. Bill and Ben weren't listening to her, so they ignore her and they were ready to do their work. After Bill and Ben left, Mavis was very cross. She set off to shunt the trucks. The next morning, Mavis was making an evil plan. She spoke severly to Toby and calls him a fusspot. Toby was hurt. Then Mavis left. Next Mavis was talking to Diesel that she has to work with him tomorrow. Diesel agrees. Later that day, Mavis came to see Edward, and she had an evil laugh and then she left. Edward got scared. Mavis biffs the trucks so hard with an evil laugh, and then she was ready to take them to the docks. As Mavis on her way to the docks, the trucks pushed her and Mavis tried to tell the trucks to stop pushing but the trucks weren't listening. There was trouble ahead was a brekevan. Mavis applied her brakes, but it was too late. Mavis crashes into a brakevan and she came off the rails. A few hours later, Bill and Ben arrived with Rocky and Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt was cross with Mavis and scolds her that she had caused confusion and delay, because Mavis looks really evil. As Mavis's punishment, she will stay in the sheds in 2 months. Mavis was scared. Then she was sent to the Dieselworks to be mended.


  • Edward
  • Bill and Ben
  • Mavis
  • Diesel
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • BoCo (cameo)

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