Mavis' Saga is the fourth episode of the first season of King of the Engine.


After Mavis' boyfriend dumps her, it's up to Thomas to cheer her up.


  • Mavis: (sobbing, runs to Thomas, Percy, James and Henry) Me...
  • Henry: Yeah, man... Them dang old birds man. Flying low this season, man. (Mavis sobs and runs back to Tidmouth Sheds)
  • Thomas: (horrified) What the frizzling funnels was that?!
  • Percy: That was a break up. That's what it was when I ran home, crying.
  • Thomas: (arrives at Tidmouth Sheds, to find Mavis sobbing, worried) Bust my buffers.
  • Emily: (running with a few guat to see her boyfriend) Guat that was on sale. Oh my Lord, you've been dumped! (Mavis' sobbing continues) Oh, there, there. You can tell Aunt Emily about it. (sobbing continues louder. Cut to Thomas shunting trucks, Mavis' sobbing can be heard. Cut to Emily bringing fish sticks to Mavis)
  • Mavis: (sobbing) Fish stichs.... (sobs again)
  • Emily: Ah...
  • Thomas: (worried) You know, I was almost killed.
  • Emily: Okay, Thomas, please. Try and be sensitive. (Mavis' sobbing continues) Okay, honey, go ahead. You let it out. It is natural. This is the healing pocess.

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