Mavis as Barney

Percy as Baby Bop

Duncan as BJ

Molly as Riff

Trevor as Michael

Bertie as Shawn

Sir Handel as Carlos

Caroline as Kathy

Donald as Min

Edward as Tina

Kevin as Derek

Sarah the Magenta Engine as Scooter Mcnutty

The Truck (from RWS) as Mrs. Etta

Albert (from RWS) as Booker T. Bookworm

Emily as Robert

Diesel 10 as Mother Goose

Jeremy as Clarence the Goose

Victoria (from RWS) as Tomie DePaola

Jack as Luci

Belle as Tasha

Victor as Julie

Hiro as Kenneth

Sidney as Jeff

Stanley as Danny

Duke as Miguel

Thomas as Hannah

Ferdinand as Amy

Madge as Kelly

Dennis as Mario

Diesel as Kristen

Gordon as Josan

Scruff as Marcos

James as Alex

Douglas as Megan

Sunshine (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Cody

The Stationmaster's Wife as Policeman

Lady Hatt as Princess Zulie

The Refreshment Lady as Mr. Boyd

City of Truro as Stella the Storyteller

Lady as Chip

Molly (from Bubble Guppies) as Stephen

Oliver as Traci

Rosie as Linda

Isobella as Farmer Henderson

Bertram as Professor Tinkerputt

Duck as Jackson

Arry as Adam

Bert as Jeffre

Lord Harry (from RWS) as The Rocket

Stephen Hatt as Mrs. Kempler

Elizabeth as Bowser (from Mario)

Bear (from RWS) as Firefighter Frank

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