MAX'S COMIC ADVENTURE: Max shows his friends his Superhero comic book.

Other Episodes

SUPER SNOWY DAY: Emmy and Max take Enrique to Dragon Land to go sledding, where they will go with their dragon friends along with Chilly and Nippy to the crystal caverns. Enrique gets scared of sledding at first, but get used to it.
MUSICAL SCALES: Zak and Wheezie are peforming a song for Princess Kidoodle, but they are embarrassed cause their scales falling off.
RISE AND BLOOM: One early morning, the gang goes to see the First Spring Blossoms, expect Max still feels sleepy. 
A FEAT ON HER FEET: Cassie's friends help her bring her Jingle Flowers to make it to Singing Springs. They do it by teaching Cassie how to roller skate.
A LIKING TO BIKING: Ord learns to ride a bike.
THE BIG RACE: A big race is held in Dragon Land.


{c}1999-2005 Sesame Workshop/Columbia Tristar. Television

  • Music by Joey Levine, Jesse Harris, Marry Wood

Opening Previews

  • Roadshow Warning
  • Village Roadshow Entertainment logo
  • 'G' rating screen
  • ABC Video logo
  • ABC for Kids Promo {1991}
  • Dragon Tales Intro

 for Gental Exbidtion 
 Apple. Bee. Carrot.

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