Max was born on January 16, 1998.


Elizabeth: Waaaaaaa! It hurts so much!

Zack: What's wrong, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: I had a large pain in my stomach. Just take me to the hospital.

Zack: Okay.

(at hospital...)

Zack: Is she going to be fine, doctor?

Doctor: Yes. Go push, push, push, push harder, push, push. (finally, the baby pops out of Elizabeth's stomach) Congrats, Elizabeth! It's a boy.

Zack: We should call the baby boy Max.

Elizabeth: (whispering) What a three-letter name for such a tiny baby boy. (chuckles)

(age 1)

(Max and his parents watch Big Bag on TV)

(age 3)

Elizabeth: Let's go to school, you little monkey.

(at school...)

Mr. Lawrence: Okay, class. Today we'll use addition. Max, what's two plus two?

Max: It was four.

Mr. Lawrence: That's right, Max. And you've said your first words.

(age 8)

Elizabeth: Hooray, Max! You're growing! I love you, son.

Max: I love you too, mommy. (giggles)

(age 12)

(Max's parents died from a subway crash)

Max: (sobbing) Good-bye, mom and dad! I'll miss both of you very much!

(R.I.P.: Zack and Elizabeth (1967 - 2010))

(age 13)

(Max has his foster parents Alan and Catherine, but they ground him for the first time)

Alan: Max, you're grounded for 9988776655443322110000000123456789012312300 years!

(age 14)

(Max grounds his parents!)

Max: (talking in his world's deepest voice) STOP GROUNDING ME FOR ENOUGH!!! NOW YOU'RE GROUNDED FOR 999 CUPAJILLION 45 THOUSAND AND THREE INFINITY YEARS!!!! (his parents walk away crying) YAY, I GOT MY REVENGE!! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!


Air Date

February 16, 2012

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