Max Coronis

You're certainly very happy today."
"It's not everyday I get to make off with a boatload of money and get out of jail at the same time."
"Point taken.
Conn Harlowe and Max Coronis

Maxxenandra 'Max' Coronis is a former Imperial prisoner and Trustee and current captain of the frieghter Hammerspace.


  • Species: Lorrdian
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 42
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Appearance: 5'2", slight build, short light brown hair, brown eyes.
  • Weapons/Equipment: Blaster pistol, vibroblade
  • Primary Role Player: Rogue Nine


A Lorrdian, Max is slight of frame, with a comely and expressive appearance. Her graceful movements belie her well-to-do background. Max has a temper, however, and it had landed her at the Imperial Detention Facility. When an Imperial patrol had threatened her family's space outpost, she had taken a Z-95 Headhunter and defended her family tooth and nail, downing 6 TIE Fighters singlehandedly before being subdued. When they had taken her captive, she was offered a choice, to either come with the Imperials or have her family annihilated before her eyes. She had, of course, taken the former option. They had tried to recruit her into the Imperial piloting program, but she would have none of it, telling them to either kill her or set her free. Not willing to acquiesce to a stubborn captive, they'd sent her to the prison facility to serve out her sentence. She'd quickly moved up the ranks to the level of Trustee with her levelheadedness and street smarts.

Personality and Traits

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