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May's Big Journey is a fan-fiction TV Movie created by Pikachufreak.


  • The movie resolves on May (from Pokemon) the main character. Her younger brother is Max (also from Pokemon), her boyfriend is Forrest Franklin (from All In A Day's Wurmple), her best friend is Michelle (from Let Bagons Be Bagons), her rival is Drew (from Now That's Flower Power), her parents are Caroline and Norman (both from There's No Place Like Hoenn), Max's girlfriend is Sandra (from A Fan With A Plan and Cruisin' For A Losin'), Forrest's twin brother is Forrester Franklin (also from All In A Day's Wurmple), Michelle's boyfriend is Juan (from The Great Eight Fate and Eight Ain't Enough), Drew's girlfriend is Winona (from Who's Flying Now? and Sky High Gym Battle), Sandra's rival Vivica (from Saved By The Beldum) and Sandra's mother is Savannah (also from A Fan With A Plan and Cruisin' For A Losin'). The movie premiered on September 23, 2005.


  1. May
  2. Max
  3. Forrest Franklin
  4. Michelle
  5. Drew
  6. Caroline
  7. Norman
  8. Sandra
  9. Forrester Franklin
  10. Juan
  11. Winona
  12. Vivica
  13. Savannah

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