May ('ハルカ Haruka) is a young Pokémon Coordinator currently traveling through various regions and competing in Pokémon Contests. She started her journey traveling through the Hoenn region accompanying Ash and Brock along with her brother Max. She appears in a few episodes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension, where she traveled to Sinnoh to enter the Wallace Cup. When Ash and Brock leave for Sinnoh, she goes to Johto alone without Max.


[hide]*1 May's Biography

[edit] May's Biography

May is a Pokémon coordinator from Petalburg City and is the daughter of the Petalburg City Gym Leader, Norman, and sister of Max. She meets Ash Ketchum in Hoenn and starts traveling with him after obtaining her first Pokémon, Torchic.

She has rivalries from some contest participants, Drew, Harley, and Jessie of Team Rocket, and goes on to win many contests. She is in 4 Pokemon movies. She picked Torchic as her first pokemon and Squirtle as her first Kanto pokemon. May is generally a very sweet, funny, fun-loving, caring, kind-hearted, and a brave person. But sometimes a real go-getter type of confident person. When it comes to certain things, she can be a glass half-full type of a straight woman that she is, even though she is a very nice person.

But she can have a tougher side sometimes, such as when she argues with her brother, Max. Despite that they argue once in a while, she has definitely shown that she really deeply cares for her brother and at times she helps people especially ones with romance problems and sometimes May has a tendency to rely on luck once in a while when it comes to certain things.

She really loves cute pokemon and flashy techniques, and competing in contests. She really loves making her own Pokéblock with recipes that she thinks up, including ones she calls "May's Purple Surprise" and "May's Pink Surprise" while everyone else rejected them after tasting them, the only ones who liked her Purple Surprise are her Munchlax and Jessie.

When May saw a contest battle for the first time, she decided to become a coordinator. She then had to overcome her fear of bug type Pokémon by raising her Wurmple into a Beautifly.

While Ash and Brock chose to travel to Sinnoh, May decides to follow her rivals to Johto. However, she meets up with Ash, Brock, and Dawn in Sinnoh, wearing a green bandanna like the character Pokémon Emerald, then sometime later participates in the Wallace Cup. Dawn once referred to her as "Princess" which makes the fact that she has an unknown identification believable.

After narrowly losing to Dawn in the Wallace Cup Finals, she leaves the group to continue her journey in Johto.

May has a unique taste for food. She loves to taste many different types of food. As a Coordinator, May was able to learn more about Pokemon, and her knowledge became greater during her journey in both Hoenn and Kanto for her contests that she competes in, that she can come up with different types of attacks.

She was also able use these combination's in battle. For example she would use her Combusken's Fire Spin and her Squirtle's Bubble to create a combination of Fire and Water. Which was dubbed by Lillian Meridian as a Fire and Water Whirlwind. She was able to knockout Drew's Flygon and his Absol. During her journey she won numerous ribbons in both Hoenn and Kanto and she is still using those skills and talents in Johto currently. But May did reappear during the Sinnoh saga in four episodes Meeting Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Dawn and Zoey for the Wallace Cup. May also has a personal ending theme song called I Won't Lose also called Haruka's theme in Japan in two episodes of the Pokemon anime's Kanto battle frontier saga the theme was used as background music in Curbing the Crimson Tide! and again in the next episode What I Did For Love!. It was also used during the Sinnoh Wallace Cup saga.

Non-canon adventures by Stardustdragon123

May then with Max heads on all sorts of adventures with Ash, Brock, Dawn and Misty. First in Web of Shadows, she along with her friends got captured and mutated to Trainer Hordika by Team Rocket's Visorak Horde. Her right hand got transformed into a club claw used to climb rocky surfaces and deflect Rhotuka attacks and a stone spinner on her back which came in handy to imprison a group of Oonurak. Her first difficult experience was when Misty accidently attacked her for a monster and only survived when Dawn tangled her legs. After discovering Ash had sided with the Visorak, she began to get worried about him before finding Keetongu. She then took on the Visorak horde head on with her friends before Misty brings Ash to his senses. Roodaka was then defeated and Keetongu cured the group of their mutation and cleansed Kanto of the Visorak army and its Web of Shadows. May then travels to the Island of Mata Nui and meets the guardians Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Onua and Pohatu. She discovers the Mask of Light in cavern across a lava stream. She hurls the mask to Max and begin to surf towards him but only manages halfway before a giant wave of lava approachs. Just as she is about to be sizzled, Tahu and Ash who were lava surfing nearby just save her. She then travels with him and Max to find the seventh toa encountering Makuta's Rahkshi. After splitting up due to a deal with Makuta using her shadow to talk to her, she heads to Onu Wahi, but as the village gets attacked by three more Rahkshi, she realises its her the Rahkshi want not Max. She later catches up to Ash and Max at Kini Nui to face off with her friends and the Toa against all 6 Rahkshi. With Tuurahk remaining, she almost surrenders through its Staff of Fear before Max sacrafices himself to take the fall. Enraged, May grabs Kuurahk's Staff with uncontrolible rage and fury defeats the last Rahkshi and almost attacks her friends before Dawn clashes and destroys the staff to level their anger from it. The Mask of Light then teleports her, Ash and Dawn to Makuta's lair to confront him. She decides the time for running is over and admits she was the herald and the Toa itself and takes him on with the power of light. Makuta is eventually defeated, May balances light and shadow cleansing Mata Nui of shadow and revives Max through its power. 2 years later after the events in Isshu, she and Ash travel to Voya Nui to recover the Mask of Life to save Manaphy again and defeat Team Rocket.

After her brutal battle with Kardas, she gains the Mask of Life only to lose it to the cold depths of Mahri Nui. She then gains Mahri armor to withstand the immense pressure. Oddly, though since Balta gave the group the terrian crawler to decend to the pit a day later, she spent most of her time in her thoughts underwater blaming herself for losing the Mask of Life. She helped to rescue Ash from Hydraxon and Maxilos with the Mask of Life after taming a Barraki like creature. May then destroys the stone cord connecting Voya Nui to its sunken land and uses the Mask of Life to save Manaphy but her body is disintergrated in the result. Her spirit did survive and remain in the Mask of Life. She creates a new body in Karda Nui and aids Ash and his friends in the battle for the Temple of the Sea to awaken it. After entering the Codrex in the Swamp of Secrets, she once again uses her spirit to awaken the being and become it. After she arises from the sea as the being before Giovanni steals her power and hurls her in the Mask of Life to Bara Magna. Apon landing, she quickly befriends a Torchic which she later on nicknames Blaze and becomes a temporary Pokeadiator for Vulcanus with Ackar. After winning a dangerous battle with Strakk and agreeing to head to Tajun with Kiina, she later finds Ash who had crash landed on Bara Magna a few minutes earlier. The group then travel to Tajun, only to be ambushed by Telleruis with her Skopio and Bone Hunters on Mightyena. She manages to latch on to its tail but gets knocked onto a nearby ledge. May then destroys the ledge by stabbing her blaze sheild into a small crack. The ledge then crumbles crushing and possibly killing Telliruis and Skopio, but with her friends narrowly escaping the catastrophe. As Ash wonders where May was, she surfs down the canyon ledge and lands on their chariot with Ackar calling it her gutsiest move.

Ablities and Traits

Hordika: Club Claw and Stone Spinner

Combusken: Flamethrower

Mahri: Ice Talons

Ignika: Life Blade

Bara Magna: Blaze Sheild, Desert Blade (orignally Vorox Tail) and Thornax Launcher(temporarily)

Legends of Sinnoh: Proto Piton


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