• Willy as Sonic
  • Sting as Tails
  • Judge Beeswax as Knuckles
  • Maya as Amy Rose
  • Hank as Shadow
  • Buzzlina Von Beena as Rouge
  • Ben as Cream
  • Kurt as Big the Cat
  • Momo as Vector
  • Edgar as Charmy Bee
  • Dino as Espio
  • Flip as Antoine
  • Crawley as Rotor
  • Lara as Sally Acorn
  • Miss Cassandra as Bunnie Rabbot
  • Paul as Uncle Chuck
  • Chris as King Acorn
  • Stag as Ari
  • Beatrice as Dulcy
  • Stinger as Dr. Robotnik (Hank can't be Dr. Robotnik because Hank was later hero in first movie, and Dr. Robotnik is always evil)
  • Hornets as Robots and Badniks
  • Other Wasp #2 as Snively
  • Other Wasp #1 as Coconuts
  • The Wasp #1 as Scratch
  • The Wasp #2 as Grounder
  • Other Wasp #3 as Sleet
  • Other Wasp #4 as Dingo
  • Henri as Silver
  • The Nurse as Blaze
  • Rudy as Manic
  • Barry as Sonia
  • Baby Blue-Bird as Robotnik Jr.
  • Bluejay as Breezie
  • Thekla as Mama Robotnik
  • Lord Beeswaxe as Sargent Doberman
  • The Owl as Gerald Robotnik

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