• Willy as Buster Bunny
  • Maya as Babs Bunny
  • Flip as Plucky Duck
  • Sting as Hamton J. Pig
  • Miss Cassandra as Shirley the Loon
  • Lara as Fifi La Fume
  • Shelby as Bugs Bunny
  • Paul as Daffy Duck
  • Herni as Porky Pig
  • Hank as Dizzy Devil (Hank and Dizzy Devil are both good later)
  • Pat as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Philibert as Tweety
  • The Nurse as Granny
  • Crawley as Furrball
  • Ben as Sweetie Bird
  • Dino as Bookworm
  • Arnie as Calamity Coyote
  • Barney as Little Beeper
  • Edgar as Li'l Sneezer
  • Vesper as Fowlmouth
  • Thekla as Elmyra Duff
  • Stinger as Montana Max
  • The Owl as Dr. Gene Splicer
  • Momo as Melvin the Monster
  • The Bats as Silas' Minions
  • The Wasp #1 as Danforth Drake
  • The Wasp #2 as Roderick Rat
  • Buzzlina Von Beena as Rhubella Rat
  • Hornets as Perfecto Prep Alumni
  • Beatrice as Mary Melody
  • Rudy as Vinnie the Deer
  • Kurt as Concord Condor
  • The Frog as Silas Wonder
  • Hannah as Sphinx
  • Judge Beeswax as Wade Pig
  • The Queen as Winnie Pig

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