Maya the Bee was the the main protagonist of Maya the Bee Series. She was voiced by Andrea Libman (TV Series) and Coco Jack Gillies (Film).


  • Species: Anthropomorphic Bee
  • Fur Color: Yellow and Black
  • Friends/Allies: Willy (best friend ) Sting ( also her best friend) , Flip (good friend), Miss Cassandra, The Queen (mentor), Judge Beeswax, The Nurse, Bee Guards, Buzzlina Von Beena, Crawley, Kurt, Ben, Lara, Barry, Max, Beatrice, Shelby, Momo, Paul, Arnie and Barney, Hannah, Pat, Hank and his Hornets, Thekla (sometimes), Junior, Mother Lizard, Coco, Dear, Violet
  • Rivals: Hannah (formerly), Violet (formerly)
  • Enemies: Stinger, Deez and Doz, Thekla, Buzzlina Von Beena (formerly), Crawley (formerly), Hank and his Hornets (formerly), Pat, Violet (former rival), Mother Lizard (formerly)


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