Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym MWE
Established August 2007
Style Sports Entertainment
Headquarters London, England
Operated By Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment

Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment (MWE) is a entertainment-based wrestling organization, with its headquarters in London, England. The MWE operates world-wide. The organization travels weekly and tours globally, visiting England, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Australia.


Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment opened for business on May 16, 2007. The show kicked off with the Crowning Glory pay-per-view. A single Battle Royal crowned the new MWE World Heavyweight Champion David Whitman. MWE is owned by English businessman Collin Lexington. We are about to crown both our new MWE United States Championship and MWE Television Championship. And soon enough, we will be bringing in the MWE Tag Team Championship as well. Even though we're only in our 2nd week we are hoping to have an impact on the eFedding community!

Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment Television
Acronym MNM
Established May 2007
Style Sports Entertainment
Headquarters London, England
Television Show Monday Night Mayhem
Results for Show Monday Night Mayhem Results


MWE is a weekly 2 hour Wrestling Entertainment Program broadcast on Monday Nights at 7:00 PM (your local time). Not as well known as WWE or TNA, MWE has just got a TV deal and hopes to make it’s mark for wrestling fans everywhere. MNM AKA Monday Night Mayhem broadcast via pre-taped events held from around the world. USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Mexico… where ever they can find a venue, they are there to entertain you.

Current Champions

Championship Title Current champion(s) Date Won Event Venue
World Heavyweight David Whitman May 14th, 2007 Madison Square Garden
United States Vacant Vacant Vacant
Television Vacant Vacant Vacant
World Tag Team Vacant Vacant Vacant

Hall Of Fame

This will be a list of the superstars that have been inducted into the MWE Hall Of Fame at the annual Crowning Glory event for their dedication to the company.

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