Mayna is an unofficial member of the BoA. She isn't part of any specific branch of service, but is more of part of a medical support team.


Mayna was chosen by the turaga of Zaktai-Nui to take up the mantle of air toa. She was shocked by the arrival of two new toa.

Mayna was on the beach when Aegis and Jadus arrived. She watched Aegis weep for his oldest brother, name unknown.

Later she became infatuated with the emotional toa, watching him and following him. Aegis unfortunatly, killed her as his tribute to Ak'Rei'An. Her body was placed in the remains of a church, a temple. The great cataclysm broke off the temple from the mainland, and it slowly drifted torward Terros-Nui.


Mayna's body was found by Demusnoc, Verak, and Aegis. Verak and Aegis went to the Azeran known as Veneficus. He revived Mayna and Dara.

She happily accepted what Aegis had done, and his new life. Mayna, in fact, dismissed all that she had been through as a dream. Her revival slowly started to bring back Aegis' sanity, and kindness. Which led up to the Fall of Blackwave.

She and the Nogan known as Vezra started the Brotherhood Medical Knights, with the vow that they would heal and help either side in a conflict.

Mayna went with Lyse to battle the Spiritbreakers. During the battle, she was extremely injured. Her current fate is unknown.


Mayna is a Toa of Air, granting her the elemental ability to control Air. She also wear a Great Kiril, which she commonly uses to heal people. She possesses a few masks, including the following:

  • Great Kiril
  • Great Rau
  • Great Pakari
  • Great Kaukau
  • Great Akaku
  • Great Matatu
  • Great Huna

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