Mayuri Genma (Birthdate unknown) is a general in service of Ryu Phoenix, and also the brother of Ryu. He is a summoner with great power, though not on the levels of the top summoners of Arcanis. He was the previous head of the Science, Torture and Prison sects of the Cabal, before Maze's take over.

Character outline

Mayuri is not ordinary in appearance. His face is hidden under a yellow mask that has been grafted into his very flesh, most likely by himself. The mask itself seems magical in nature, and made of an unknown material capable of moving and changing shape in minor ways, allowing the wearer to imitate facial expressions. It has openings for the eyes, nostrils and mouth. He has no hair, most likely having removed it willingly instead of becoming bald over time, and his skin has been altered to appear to be a pure white color, with no marks or blemishes. He wears the same black robe that covers his body much like Ryu does, and he has many body alterations, making him less human over time. He is around the same height as Ryu, and is rather thin and skeletal, giving him an overall outlandish and considerably eerie appearance.

His personality is as odd as his appearance. He takes pleasure in studying that which he finds any interest in, and considers all life, objects and physical matter only to be objects which to study. He has no morals, and is highly loyal to his brother Ryu and their master Voldo. He speaks with a high pitched, nasalish voice.


Like most of Ryu's followers, Mayuri's past history is unknown. It is apparent he is or was part of the Forsaken, and is the brother of Ryu.


Mayuri's abilities have not been shown outside of the one duel he had participated in, showing that he was a summoner who utilized Blue, Black and Red. He was once seen weilding a Kris, though he was never seen actually using it to fight.


  • Mayuri Genma is based highly off Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a character from the anime and manga series Bleach, which his owner is a fan of.

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