A maze is a set of interconnected pages that branch out to make many rooms, usually with doors that appear to be locked and needing a specific key, which can be found in another room, or locked in a similar way, but needing some kind of event that is set in another room. Sometimes mazes have battles where various choices must be clicked on, dice or rolled, or one only has to keep clicking to see the result.


A MOTP battle is a battle design that MOTP created, wherein battles are always winnable, but there tend to be a lot of pages to keep clicking on, adding to the feel of the action.

A MOP battle, by contrast, is a battle design created by MOP where the player must use something outside of the GTT like dice or a coin to determine what will happen in the battle.


Sometimes little ascii representations are included at the bottom of a room to show a kind of graphic of the layout of the doors. The following are some of the more common pictures:

Unlocked door

An unlocked door is a door that the player can pass freely through.

  • |-| Ordinary
  • ||-|| Thick
  • ||||| Passageway

Locked door

A locked door is a door that needs a key to open it.

  • |O| Ordinary
  • ||O|| Thick
  • /|/|/|/| Grate
  • ||(*)O(*)|| Boss door


Walls serve as dividers between doors or passageways.

  • =-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=--==-- Ordinary
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lush
  • ############# Solid

List of Mazes

The following is a list of mazes:

Nero Maze - A depository of many mazes, most of them created either by MOTP or TC

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