Maze Dimilas (Birthdate unknown) is an ex-general of the Cabal, and previously under Ryu Phoenix's command. He has since then betrayed Ryu, and overthrew the Cabal, resulting in the Cabal gaining a new leader, and Ryu being exiled from Otaria along with Voldo and his remaining followers.

Character outline

Maze's appearance is normal compared to most others in the Cabal. He has short brown hair, apparently slicked back with hair gel or naturally slicked back. His eyes are deep blue and he wears glasses. After the takeover of the Cabal, he now wears a white robe with black markings, possibly magical in nature, as opposed to his usual robe with magic runes.

Appearances can be decieving however. Although he may seem kind and caring on the outside, he really cares little for others, ironically much like Ryu. He uses underhanded tactics, illusions and his powerful intelligence factor to work towards his goals. His motives appear unknown.


Maze's history prior him serving the Cabal is unknown. It is also unknown what time he joined, and for what purpose. He was only ever seen once, at a General's meeting, and he didn't stand out much at all.


His true abilities seem to be unknown at this point, but according to Ryu, he is beyond the powers of Voldo, even without a spark. He utilizes Blue, White and Black.


  • Maze was modelled after Sosuke Aizen, a character from the anime and manga series Bleach, who the owner was a fan of.
  • Maze's last name, Dimilas, is a play on the latin word dissimilis, which means different. This is probably a reference to how different Maze is on the inside than to what he show's on the outside.

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