"McGee and the Kingdom Chums" is a fanmade Christian series featuring McGee from "McGee and Me" and the Kingdom Chums from "The Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten". The series centers around the "McGee and Me" storyline with footage and audio from "The Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten" incorporated in.


Joe Dammann as Nicholas

Ken C. Johnson as the voice of McGee

Tony Orlando as the voice of Christopher

Debby Boone as the voice of Essie

Frankie Valli as the voice of Little David

Marilyn McCoo as the voice of Little Mama Miriam

Billy Preston as the voice of Marvelous Mose

Terry Bozeman as David Martin

Vaughn Taylor as Elizabeth Martin

Sarah Dammann as Sarah

Chelsea Hertford as Jamie

Eve Brenner as Grandma

Brent Kelly as Louis

Johnny Green as Derrick

Shaylisa Hurte as Renee

Whit Hertford as Philip

Poundcake as Whatever, the Martin family dog

Episode Guide

The Big Lie

Nick and his family move into their Grandmother's house in a new town. On the first day of school, Nick is having trouble trying to make friends until he runs until the school bully, Derrick. One of the local school kids, Louis, tells Nick all about Derrick and his motives and succeeds in talking Derrick out of beating Nick up, for the time being, that is. Nick and Louis become fast friends, and on the way home, they pass by the home of George Ravenhill. Louis tells Nick that Mr. Ravenhill is an insane man who eats live animals and that anything that goes inside his house never comes back out. One quick run through the house proves deterrent when his new friends start to see him differently. Nick then makes up a story about the man eating a live rabbit, and soon the story spreads to the school, where almost every kid starts to view Nick as a hero. His family, on the other hand, is quite distressed about the whole incident. They see the old man for what he really is: a good-natured soul who takes care of injured animals, and Nick starts to become skeptical about his actions. A lecture from his father and a visit from Little David, the Kingdom Chum of Courage, help Nick see the error of his ways, and after surveying the damage done to Mr. Ravenhill's house by Derrick and his gang, who bought Nick's lie, Nick has to make up for the damage by having to clean up the house.

Kingdom Chum(s): Little David

Songs: "Love Never Lies", "L-I-E-S"

A Star In The Breaking

When Nick sends in a postcard to a game show and it earns him a chance to appear on the show, it soon all goes to his head and he starts putting his friends and family down. Little Mama Miriam, the Kingdom Chum of Perseverance, and Marvelous Mose, the Kingdom Chum of Joy, help Nick and McGee learn a strong lesson in humility.

Kingdom Chum(s): Little Mama Miriam, Marvelous Mose

Songs: "A Star In The Breaking", "All God's Children"

The Not-So-Great Escape

Nick and Louis both want to go see the movie "Night of the Blood Freaks: Part 4", but Nick's don't want him to see it because of the garbage contained within, which they say could affect Nick's mind. Nick is grounded after repeatedly bad mouthing his parents, but soon sneaks out without his folks knowing and joins Louis at the movie. However, even with a bit of further warning from McGee and Marvelous Mose, Nick realizes how terrible the movie really is. Upon returning home, Nick's parents lecture him about what he has done and how the movie has affected his mind. Nick is soon punished for his foolish decision.

Kingdom Chum(s): Marvelous Mose

Songs: "It's Gonna Stay Right There In Your Heart", "Idols"

Skate Expectations

When Nick tries to defend his friend, Philip, from Derrick's bullying, he soon finds himself challenged to a skateboarding contest, which Nick isn't that good at. Nick soon practices and becomes better, but Derrick's friends attempt to sabotage him. Nick's friends soon find out about that, and eventhough Nick comes in last, Derrick is disqualified for cheating and the victory goes to Nick. With a little help from Essie, the Kingdom Chum of Loyalty, and Christopher, the Kingdom Chum of Love, and the rest of the Kingdom Chums, Nick learns a big lesson about cheating, practice, friendship, and most of all, being a good Samaritan.

Kingdom Chum(s): Essie, Christopher, Marvelous Mose, Little Mama Miriam, Little David

Songs: "Stand Up", "Yes, You Can" Rap, "All God's Children"

Twister and Shout

Nick's parents are out for the evening, and Louis and Renee come to hang out with him and his sister, Sarah. However, an oncoming tornado threatens the area where they are, but with a little support from Christopher, Marvelous Mose, and Little David, Nick reassures his friends that as long as they have faith in God and have faith that He will give them the strength to make it through, they can deal with fear.

Kingdom Chum(s): Christopher, Marvelous Mose, Little David

Songs: "You'll Never Be Alone", "He's All You Need"

Back To The Drawing Board

When Todd Burton, the new kid in school, turns out to be just as talented an artist as Nick is, a competition ensues between them for a coveted spot and prize in an art contest. Neither one of them win, but a word from Marvelous Mose helps them both understand the true meaning good sportmanship, fair competition, and above all, envy.

Kingdom Chum(s): Marvelous Mose

Songs: "A New Attitude", "The Grass Is Greener"

Do The Bright Thing

McGee and the Kingdom Chums take us on a journey into the depths of Nick's mind, as we get to see how he deals with making wise decisions. The central plot involves him wanting to buy an art table.

Kingdom Chum(s): Christopher, Essie, Little David, Little Mama Miriam, Marvelous Mose

Songs: "Do The Bright Thing", "Respect Your Mom and Dad", "Be Loyal To The One You Love", "The Grass Is Greener"

Take Me Out Of The Ball Game

Nick is on the Eastfield Braves baseball team, coached by his dad, and they are determined to beat their biggest rivals, the Dodgers. With Thurman Miller, the Eastfield Braves' best player, on their team, they feel that there's no way they can lose. In the end, though, the words of Christopher and Marvelous Mose help Nick learn to trust God rather than people.

Kingdom Chum(s): Christopher, Marvelous Mose

Songs: "Hold On", "Idols", "He's All You Need"

'Twas The Fight Before Christmas

It's Christmastime, and Nick is doing everything he can to get into the spirit, including participating in the Nativity story play as a wiseman. Derrick, on the other hand, cannot get into the spirit due to his typical bullying. He soon starts to see the error of his unruly ways after participating in the Nativity story being performed at the school and, fully understanding the true meaning of Christmas, wants to become a Christian. Nick discovers that Derrick's father is an alcoholic who abuses his own son, which may be the cause of Derrick's constant bullying and aggression. With some extra help from the Kingdom Chums, Nick and Derrick become somewhat friends at the end.

Kingdom Chum(s): Christopher, Essie, Little David, Little Mama Miriam, Marvelous Mose

Songs: "Carol of the Bells", "Following The Love Light", "Stop! Don't Steal", "Honor His Name", "He's All You Need", "Thank You", "Love One Another"

In The Nick Of Time

Little David and Little Mama Miriam help Nick and McGee learn about courage and perseverance when they go mountain climbing and meet the Giant.

Kingdom Chum(s): Little David, Little Mama Miriam

Songs: "Step By Step", "Yes, You Can" Rap

The Blunder Years

Nick's new friend Rex persuades Nick into living by what is "cool". As a result, he starts pushing his friends and family out of his life, disowns McGee, and even banishes the Kingdom Chums. However, a word from Derrick, who has indeed changed after Christmas episode, and a song by Nick's parents help Nick to see the error of his ways and Nick goes back to his regular self. Thus, McGee and the Kingdom Chums are back to stay!

Kingdom Chum(s): Christopher, Essie, Little David, Little Mama Miriam, Marvelous Mose

Songs: "Who Do You Think You Are?", "All God's Children", "Love One Another"

Beauty In The Least

Nick's Romanian penpal Illya comes to call, and, along with help from the Kingdom Chums, ends up teaching Nick and his family an important lesson about forgiveness, hospitality, and "loving thy neighbor as thyself".

Kingdom Chum(s): Christopher, Essie, Little David, Little Mama Miriam, Marvelous Mose

Songs: "Whatever Happened To Love?", "All God's Children", "Thank You", "Love One Another", "Following The Love Light"

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