McGregor is a Scottish terrier who is the official leader of the main band of dogs. He speaks with a strong Scottish accent. He is best friends with Snowplow, Tank and QT. He loves music, especially playing the guitar and bagpipes. His list of friends includes:

His 1st best friend is Snowplow

His 2nd is QT

His 3rd is Tank

His 4th is Cheech

His 5th is Chester

His 6th is Frenchie

His 7th is Fetch

His 8th is No Name 

He is voiced by Tom Garner

Full name: McGregor Abbot Alcott

Gender: Male

Breed: Scottish terrier

Likes: Dog bones, his friends, scones, sandwiches, crumpets and cookies

Dislikes: Seeing his friends acting strange, filthiness, others who have no manners.

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